How to Read a Wine Label- Part 2 – The Califonia Wine Club

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Watch this short video for some help reading wine labels.

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The How Behind Growing The Grape

Growing grapes is a wonderful experience that can provide you with many gifts including healthy fresh fruit, delicious wine and most of all, the experience of doing this all from home, if you wish. You can learn how to grow grapes from just about anywhere and you can literally grow grapes from many places you might not consider suitable but I can assure you, it can be done.

Grape Vines And How To Grow Them

Choosing which type of grape you want to grow and for what reasons you want to grow them. Different techniques that help you grow grapes depending on why you’re growing them as well as where you want to grow them.

How to Start Growing Grapes From Home

What to take into consideration for planting and growing grapes from your own home. Making sure certain things are done right from the start so you have a successful vineyard of your very own.

Growing Various Kinds Of Grapes

What considerations should be taken when deciding to start growing your own grapes. What kind of grapes to grow as well as where to grow them and why.

Alcohol Advice: Five Reasons To Avoid Binge Drinking Over Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year for the young and old alike, but December can also be a month where we find ourselves unintentionally binge drinking. Work dos, nights out with old friends and family get-togethers can take an alcohol shaped theme, leaving even usually sensible drinkers feeling worse for wear. The obvious answer is to cut down, but peer pressure from vodka swilling friends can make it tough.

Gift Suggestions For The Wine Lover

Do you want to find the perfect gifts for wine lovers? Well, you are in luck as there are numerous fantastic items to choose from these days. In this article you can find a few ideas: Books: There are drinking journals to record various wines, so wine lovers can keep track of what they are drinking.

Red Wine and Food

Red Wine & Food pairing is a massive importance to enjoying gourmet dishes and fine wines at their best. It has been done for years and in almost every country on the planet there are individuals who swear by the fact that pairing certain foods with various red wines will bring out the flavor in both the wine and the food. With the many varieties of wines to choose from, there have been guidelines and rules presented that call for the combinations of certain types of wines with certain types of foods, appetizers…

Red Bordeaux – 5 Top Left Bank Wines

The left bank refers to the wines of the south bank of the Gironde River, including Medoc and Haut-Medoc, Graves, Pessac-Leognan and prestigious Appellations of Margaux, Pauillac, St Estephe and St Julien. I have listed some lesser known gems that I think are fantastic value for money in their class. I have personally tried all ten of these wines on numerous visits with locals to the left bank.

Where and How to Purchase and Individual Uses for Wine Glasses

When it comes to giving unique gifts or to decorate your dining hall, wine glasses are an obvious choice. Crystal and neat in look, these glasses add an elegant touch. They are beautiful to use, and classic to keep in your side board cabinets. People always love to treat themselves by sipping a smooth delectable wine in their favorite wine glass. Whether at a party or even having a dinner with family at Christmas, wine glasses are always the best keeper. Now, with the changing times, there is a huge variety of wine glasses and wine goblets available in the market for wine sippers, as well as its collectors. Following we discuss some of the variety of wine glasses and ways through which you can order them:

5 Top Wines of the Cotes De Blaye and Bourg

The Cotes de Bourg and the Cotes de Blaye make up the most northerly appellations of the right bank of the Gironde river in south west France. Opposite, on the left bank of the river, is the larger Medoc region with its prestigious appellations such as Pauillac and Margaux.

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