How to Read a Wine Label – Part 1 – The California Wine Club

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Watch this quick video for advice on understanding wine labels.

Why Buy A Wine Refrigerator?

A consistent temperature for wine is extremely important for preserving the flavor the color and the consistency of the vintage. The proper storage temperature for various types of wine is around 55F or 13C. This temperature is necessary for the wine to age properly. A standard household refrigerator needs to be run at a much lower temperature and handles humidity quite differently.

Store Your Wine In a Wine Cooler

These days the wine coolers are getting reasonably priced as people have started considering it as a basic item for their home, kitchens. With this particular appliance, you can always get chilled wine whenever you need it. Before you buy this particular cooler, you need some considerations and advice so that you can buy the right kind of cooler. There are certain tips that should be followed while buying this particular gadget.

What Wine to Serve With Food?

What kind of wine should you serve with food? The old rule of “red wine with meat” and “white wine with fish” is somewhat limiting, and what about pasta or chicken or pork, etc? Do you have to follow any absolute rules, or is experimentation and flexibly allowed? What if you serve the wrong or an incorrect wine, then what?

Lambic Beer – Learn All About It

There are many styles of beer in the world. But there are only two types – plus one! The added type is lambic, a strange brew that tastes as great as ales or lagers!

An Introduction to Pilsner Glasses

A beer pilsner is glass container that is utilized chiefly to dole out pilsner beer but there are instances where it can be conveyed to serve other light beers. They are by and large slighter than other beer glasses, for instance the pint glass and are tapered at the foundation and distend out a bit at the pinnacle. A beer pilsner on average holds about 8.4 ounces of light beer, just the thing for a rendezvous with colleagues or having a beer with your meal.

Thanksgiving Wines on Sale – How to Enhance a Thanksgiving Dinner Like Never Before

A Thanksgiving dinner without a wine is like New Years Eve without champagne. The reason for this is that wine will brighten your meal like nothing else.

The History of a Brewery in Great Britain

Brewing and Breweries in Great Britain were not as depicted in modern fiction. Inns and Public houses as depicted in stories only became common place in the 17th Century. Find out more.

Preserve the Quality of Your Wine With Proper Wine Storage

Storing your wine in a wine cooler or using a wine dispensing system can help prevent your favorite wine from going bad. The goal is to ensure your wine ages properly so you can fully experience the wine’s complex flavors, aromas, and textures.

Wine Themed Favors

Wine themed favors are becoming such a popular choice these days. It’s a big hit with the bridal couple because they know that these favors will be well received and appreciated by their guests. Fortunately, this theme does not have to center around wine for these favors to maintain their increasing popularity.

Types of Red Wine

There are several varieties of red wine from which to choose. The types of red wine often go well with particular flavors, and wine aficionados often match particular wines with specific foods and dishes. You may find that you prefer a specific variety of red wine, and many people who love red wine will find that they settle on a favorite.

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