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Avoid these common wine storage mistakes. Uncork more wine tips advice with The California Wine Club. Visit our wine club website at or call us at 1-800-777-4443

Relish Your Food With the Perfect Wine Pairing, and Vice Versa

Food and wine is a match made in heaven and it is essential to know which beverage complements the dishes that one eats. Given below are the suitable wines that go well with pesto, along with the foods that suit wines made from Muscat and Viognier grapes.

Seasonal Beer Reviewed – Nosferatu Stock Ale

There’s a chill within the air so you realize Halloween is just close to the corner and what much better time to attempt out a seasonal beer known as Nosferatu Stock Ale? This beer is provided by Great Lakes Brewing Company of Cleveland, Ohio. They create some truly good microbrews and craft beers, too as some truly intelligent bottle labels.

Buying Wine Online – Cheap and Easy

Buying wine is always considered to be one of the last resorts as far as gifting an item is concerned. If you have been invited suddenly for a dinner, or need to buy someone a quick gift, wine is the best option.

When East Meets West

Dining with wine used to be simple. It goes by only one rule. White wine goes with white meat and red wine goes with red meat. Now, the conventional rule has been broken. Asians do not just eat meat and potatoes nor do they drink Claret and Burgundy. Asian food has started gaining popularity from the chicken satay grilled on gas grills to roast suckling pig.

Red Wine – Comparisons With White Wine and Good Storage Principles

Red and White wine are very different in character. Once they are bottled, they are basically two very different drinks.

Growing Grape Vines: How Soil PH and Nutrients Affect Productivity

In grape growing, the right soil for growing vines is a crucial element. It plays a huge role in the capacity to grow a healthy product. The productivity of the grapevine is largely affected by the type of soil, its mineral content and environmental condition. Make sure to balance these elements for maximum productivity out of your vines.

Port: For Wine and Food Pairings or As a Stand-Alone Drink?

Port-very often it conjures images of portly, bewhiskered old men reading newspapers, discussing religion and politics, cracking jokes and walnuts, and smoking cigars, all the while hiding out from wives at their gentleman’s club. Maybe that was an accurate description of port drinkers in the past, but today port enjoys a much broader fan base, along with a much extended area of production. And when it comes to wine and food pairings, port is now associated with more than just nuts and tobacco.

The Basics Of Making Wine At Home

My first effort to make wine produced negative results. This was because I tried doing so without doing ample research about the whole procedure. It is not really hard to make homemade wine, but one has to be equipped with the right kind and amount of knowledge right from the start.

WhisperKOOL XLT 1600 – Perfect Entry-Level Wine Cooling Unit

Do you have a small wine cellar and are just starting your wine collection? If so the WhisperKOOL XLT 1600 may be the product you are looking for. The WhisperKOOL 1600 is a great entry-level cooling unit which requires little maintenance, installs easily and will ensure that your wine collection can mature under optimum conditions.

Grape Growing Information – Overview

Grapes offer many different uses, and they are also the basis to making wine. Out of all the grapes in the world, 71% of them are used to make wine, 27% is used as fresh fruit and the other 2% is used to make dried fruit.

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