How to Pour a Glass of Wine? Wine Etiquette

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Chapter 2 of the Wine Etiquette Series.
Watch Episode 3 about how much wine to pour:

This is Episode #3 of Julien’s Wine School where Julien illustrates how to pour a glass of wine kind of like a pro or like a sommelier showing the correct way to hold the bottle, exposing the label and how to twist the bottle to avoid dripping.
Also featuring a nice simple wine accessory, the DropStop that allows to make the perfect pour every time.

Watch Part 1 of Julien’s Wine Etiquette series about how to open a bottle of wine:


Can Light Really Affect My Wine?

Light sources can affect the quality and aging potential of wine if not properly protected during cellaring or storage. Here, we examine how the type of light source, the extent of exposure, and the color of bottle glass impact wine quality.

Sicilian Wine, the Perfect Compliment to Your Meal!

Sicilian wine is considered one of the best tasting wines in the world. One taste and you’ll agree, there’s nothing like it. These are some of my favorites and I know they’ll become your favorites as well.

Tips For Successful Grape Planting

The grape vines should be chosen carefully since the quality of the grape is directly responsible for the quality of the wine that is produced. While grape planting make plans to space the plants about 6 feet apart with eight feet between the rows. Since you will be cultivating a vine a trellis will be needed for each and every plant

How to Construct and Use a Grape Trellis

The use of a trellis in your vineyard is essential. What it may look like, how you might build it or possibly you might choose to buy one already built is up to you. All of this is a matter of personal choice and how it meets your goal for your vineyard and the resulting impact on the appearance of your yard.

Quality Tips on How to Make Wine at Home

This overview of how to start making wine at home will incorporate the key steps involved in making wine including (among others) Harvestation, Fermentation, Pressing and Aging. Do you know the 9 key processes you must be aware of during the Fermentation stage of wine making? Read on to find out!

Did You Know? 21 Guinness Facts

Looking for the perfect pour? How long should it take? Do good things happen to those who wait?

Pairing Wine With Food

Pairing wine with food can heighten enjoyment of both the wine and the meal individually as well as enhance the overall experience. While not an exact science, there is a method to pairing wine with food that extends beyond red wine with red meat and white wine with chicken and fish.

Great Wine Making Recipe Options

Due to its great taste and flavor, people prefer to make it at home by following some simple wine making instructions. Apart from correctly following the above-mentioned steps, it is also recommended to follow some of the basic wine making instructions.

Gewurztraminer – A Spicy Wine and Unruly Vine

Gewurztraminer is one of those vine varieties that is fussy about what soil type it is grown on, it dislikes chalky soils. It is a vigorous vine which needs to be controlled during the growing season as it is susceptible to disease. On top of this it buds early and needs warm, dry summers to avoid an erratic ripening period. So what can be done to tame ‘Gewurtz’, the spicy grape?

Homebrew Beer Kits – Easy Bake Oven of Brewing?

Homebrew Beer Kits are the easiest way to learn and get started making your own beer at home. This article explains why homebrew beer kits can get you started making homemade beer that you can enjoy while learning a rewarding hobby.

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