How to Pair Wine With Thanksgiving

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Want to see my specific recommendations for wines to buy for Thanksgiving? Here’s the blog post!

It’s time to break out the sweet potatoes and wine! I like to try many different wines with Thanksgiving because there is a plethora of flavors going on with all the side dishes, but to make it easy for you I’ve compiled my 2 MUST HAVE wines on the Thanksgiving dinner table plus 3 runner-ups that will complement the meal nicely as well.

Wine #1: Beaujolais: This is THE wine to buy for Thanksgiving if you only plan to drink one thing all night. Beaujolais comes from a grape called Gamay and boasts flavors of red cherry, cranberry, herbs, and earthy components. There is no better all-around wine for Thanksgiving.

Wine #2: Riesling. There are many sweet flavors on the Thanksgiving table which will clash with any wine without sweetness, so Riesling is your perfect match with these dishes. Pick up a Riesling that is off-dry (or it may say Kabinett) so that it complements the meal.

Runner-Ups: Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, and Sparkling Wine. If you want to have fun this Thanksgiving and bring a bunch of wines to the table, these are fun additions.

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