How to Order Wine at a Restaurant – Wine Simplified

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*I may earn commissions, including Amazon affiliate commissions, from links on this site. Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains how to order wine in a restaurant. Learn tricks like how to choose an apertif, when to drink a sparkling wine, and when to choose a light wine vs. a heavy one. Marnie also demonstrates how to read a wine list by understanding style, region, and price.

This video is an excerpt from iPad/iPhone book “Wine Simplified.” For more tips and tricks to navigating the world of wine visit:

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Winemaking at Home on a Budget

Do you think that making your own wine is prohibitively expensive? Think again. If you are prudent about what you buy, look at these few suggestions on how to save some cash to get the things you need to make great wine!

Adapting Your Skills to White Winemaking

If you’ve already tried your hand at winemaking with reasonable success, then you may be up for the challenge of making white wine. White wines tend to be more difficult than most wines, and adds a few steps to the winemaking process.  

Demonique – The Wine With the Eyes

I told myself, I’m at the Grocery Outlet I’m not paying $9.99 for a bottle of wine at a store like this. I looked up and saw an employee working there and asked the gentlemen, “Excuse me, do you recommend a good Merlot wine that you carry?” Without any hesitation the employee said, “Everyone asks do you have the wine with the eyes?”

What to Look For When Buying a Wine Bottle Refrigerator

When purchasing a wine bottle refrigerator you actually have several options. Picking the correct option for your specific needs can help prevent you from spending more than you need to. Whether you need something to store your wines for an extended period of time, or something that will chill your wine to the perfect serving temperature you can find what you need.

How to Find Wine Bargains During the Global Financial Crisis

Things are tough out there, there is no denying it! Businesses are doing it hard and we are all revisiting our budgets. So how do we save money and still enjoy a drink with dinner or entertain our friends? It’s true, times are tough, but with some imagination and a willingness to broaden your tastes and range, there are some wonderful wines out there waiting to be discovered and they won’t break the bank.

White Wine Making

Difference between red wines and white wines is the color. But I’m sure that I can mention a few facts about wines that you didn’t know.

Yeast – Nature’s Wine Maker

As much pride as our world-famous wineries claim to have in their century-old establishments, the majority of the burden of wine making actually falls to a single-celled organism: yeast. In fact, much of the art of wine making is actually the art of feeding and nurturing the yeast.

Wisconsin Beverage Server Training

Wisconsin beverage server training is designed for all employees, managers, and businesses within the alcohol industry to help reduce risks, including injury and death, from the sale and use of alcohol within the state. The state of Wisconsin Department of Revenue requires this training course for all people who work in this industry, including retail cashiers, bartenders, restaurant servers, and even bouncers and doormen at bars and night clubs. This training course serves to educate people on the standards of alcohol use and sale, and is aimed at deterring the sale or use of alcohol by those who are overly intoxicated or not eligible to purchase or consume alcohol, including minors.

Quick Guide to Wine Making Yeasts

Winemaking is a relatively long process that incorporates grape pressing, crushing, fermentation, racking and aging. It’s from the fermentation step onwards, however, that the grapes and their juices become a delicious wine.

How to Make Wine – Wine Making Instructions

Every single wine has a specific way of making it that will yield the best results. Nevertheless, the overall process of winemaking follows a series of steps that you will always find in wine-making instructions…

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