How to Open Bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine

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*I may earn commissions, including Amazon affiliate commissions, from links on this site. Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old demonstrates how to safely open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. No need to fear an explosion with this method!

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Easy Wine Making

Easy wine making really consists of a healthy balance between factual knowledge and common knowledge. A combination of these two, along with a good wine-making grape will result in a delicious glass of wine for you and your family to enjoy.

Guide to Easy Wine Making

For many people, easy wine making is a figment of their imagination. It seems that for something as precious as wine, people should sweat gallons of tears and overcome tons of obstacles to come up with just one bottle. In reality however, the growing of grapes – and not the wine making – is the most difficult step in making this favorite alcoholic beverage.

The Whole Story of Wine Making Yeast

There are many aspects to winemaking. The winemaker must diligently prepare and watch over throughout the whole process. If we simply had to break it down and select the single most important element in the wine making process it would have to be the wine making yeast.

Wine Storage Guidance

You’ve been keeping your wine where? For how long? If your wine could speak if would surely be asking for counselling by this stage, or at the very least a package holiday in a musty cellar somewhere.

Simple Tips For Wine Classification and Categorization

It is an important part of wine making and drinking to know the wine classification and categorization. But before you can continue your journey you need to know the basics of just what wine is. In its simplest definition, wine is an alcoholic drink fermented from grapes.

Grape Trellis

The best thing about growing grapes is that they grow on a vine, with the help of a trellis. Because of this, space is never a problem and people can grow either in a vineyard, or in their very own backyards.

Wine Storage Refrigerators – Protect Your Investment in Fine Wines

Wine storage refrigerators are the ideal way to store your fine wines. Find out why wine storage refrigerators are the best choice for protecting your investment and getting the most enjoyment from a bottle of wine.

Wine of the Month Club – Tips on a Poplular Wine of the Month Club

Here you will get tips on one of the most popular wine of the month club. Also learn about the benefits that come with a membership.

A Beverage Beyond Tomorrow and Today

Spring is in the air everywhere and especially Las Vegas. In a city like Las Vegas, one would expect a variety of nightclubs to enjoy, along with the new and exotic beverages that many of them offer. Recently, a new night club opened, at the new Encore, in Las Vegas, called the XS nightclub.

What is True Organic Wine Making?

There is much debate on what is and isn’t organic wine making. Many so-called experts have spoken out on the subject. So I have taken the time to see what the various sides had to say and will be sharing my findings with you.

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