How to Open a Bottle of Wine? Etiquette Chapter 1

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Episode #2 of Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School where Julien illustrates how to open a bottle of wine with a sommelier double hinged corskscrew and shows 5 different ways to cut/remove the foil (capsule) before uncorking/poping out the cork.

Shout out to Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly (Essential Guide to Wine Book author), and Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV (wineliberarytv) for having inspired me to start making wine education and tasting videos on YouTube.


How Do You Taste Wine? Wine Tasting Techniques

It’s intimidating being around a bunch of wine snobs and having no idea how to taste wine. Here’s an article that will break it done for you very simply.

Pairing Beer and Food

While pairing food and wine is a common practice, the proper beer pairing can also compliment and bring out the flavors of food. Pairing beer and food is not an exact science, but there are some general guidelines that can help to enhance the enjoyment of both the beer and your meal.

Organic Wine Making – Everything About Organic Wine Making

One of the oldest processes that until now fascinate a lot of people is organic wine making. Men have been drinking wine since centuries ago and wine making is an enduring legacy that is passed from generation to generation.

Wine 101 – Wine Clubs

Want to join a wine club? This part of our wine 101 guide will show you how to choose one.

How to Start a Wine Tasting Group

One of the best ways to learn about wine is to taste it with a group. Many beginners are often intimidated by wine tasting groups, but being in a group where everyone is a willing learner can really forge a path to understanding. If you currently aren’t part of a wine tasting group, this chapter will give you some ideas about forming your own (or helping a friend start one).

An Introduction to the French Wine

Champagne has literally “evolved” to greatness over the centuries. It is a deservingly distinguished product of the French that has made its way into the homes and hearts of people in almost every civilized part of the world. Champagne has been used traditionally for glorious occasions such as celebrating a milestone, victory of some sort, and to toast the bride and groom on their marriage.

About Grafting Vines

Rain was welcomed during the winter months as it soaked the soil and prepared it for the hot, dry summer. In March, when the vines began to grow leaves, a heavy rainfall was essential for an abundant harvest, but afterwards, the less rain the better. In February came the “abonado,” when the ground was fertilized. The traditional method of fertilizing was to use only horse dung and to empty a spadeful into a hole between every four vines, doing it in rotation so that each vine benefited from fertilizer once every three years.

The Effects of the Peninsular War on the Wine Trade

Legend has it that the guns fighting the Battle of Trafalgar could be heard in the streets of Jerez, and it seems incredible. According to legend as well the ancient house of Cabeza y Zarco had a consignment of wine on a ship which was captured by the French. When the cargo was brought ashore at Tarifa and auctioned off, they knew how good the wine was and bought it all back.

How to Make Homemade Wine – The Basic Steps From Humdrum to Magic

Making homemade wine is a hobby that many undertake, and some decide to make it their life’s work. The idea of turning one ordinary substance into a completely different one is downright mysterious. It surely must have seemed that way to the first person, thousands of years ago, who accidentally ended up with a jug of wine, when he or she only had some grape juice! And since that fantastic day people have been improving on the process when harvest time comes around.

World’s Best Wineries At Napa Valley

The real taste of wine just cannot be experienced at a wine shop but can truly be enjoyed in the wine country itself. It provides us the best and the most lovable wines taste there. You enjoy its taste with beautiful surroundings, landscapes, grapevine gardens and best wineries. The best accommodations are available, along with best travel agencies facilities who helps us in going around the wineries. It helps to get knowledge about the wineries also.

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