How to Make a French 75

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You want the recipe? Of course you do. It’s right here:

Simple Wine Making Instructions

If you have never made your own wine, you are going to need some simple wine making instructions to get you going. Whether you are going to make wine from freshly pressed grapes or from a commercially prepared concentrate, the process is basically the same.

How to Sell Winegrapes and Promote Your Vineyard

If you own a vineyard, the following ten steps will help you design an effective marketing program. You will get your information out to winemakers well before harvest, in a format they can review before they solidify their grape program and become swamped with the duties of crush. Take time early in the year to establish this program, and to learn effective marketing techniques. Once you’ve established a marketing program for your vineyard, the groundwork is done and you will be able to rely on your program year after year.

Beers Around the World

For some reason sampling beer in other countries is just part of the experience. In each place there will usually be different types of food to try, which is definitely a fun experience as well, but there’s something fun about trying the different types of beer as well.

Low Alcohol Wine, Good For Your Health

As the weather warms up everywhere, grapes are getting riper which means alcohols are rising. Is a heavyweight red wine still tasty, or is the alcohol level spoiling the flavour and character of the wine? Low alcohol wine is good for you.

The Life of a Wine Barrel

The average wine barrel effectively ages wine for about 5 years. By then, the wine barrel has imparted its flavorings of oak and is no longer aging and enhancing the wine’s bouquet or flavor.

How and When to Pick Vineyard Grapes

Vineyard grapes are normally harvested or picked during the fall. Because unlike many other types of fruit, grapes do not ripen or get any sweeter after they have been picked, it is essential to make sure they are ripe for harvesting.

Glogg Recipes – Discover the Many Different Styles of Glogg

Glogg, a traditional Swedish mulled wine beverage, is easily made at home. Most recipes call for similar ingredients, but other recipes add some unique twists. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences…

A Glass of Wine – 5 Helpful Tips

Wine is a beverage consisting of alcohol. My father and grandfather used to make it from scratch in the basement. They would make it from fermenting crushed grapes. Wine can actually be made without adding any sugars, acids or enzymes.

Explore Oregon Wine Country

For a time our son lived in Anacortes, Washington. A summer not long ago, my wife and I traveled up Interstate 5 along the west coast to visit him. The scenery along I-5 was like looking at a collection of mail home postcards. Once we hit the Oregon State line, another common thread of notoriety was the vast number of wineries and vineyards we saw along the way. We decided to slow our trip and spend time exploring and learning more about Oregon Wine Country.

Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Chiller

If you are shopping around for a wine chiller, then the deluxe 28 bottle wine chiller is the one. This cooler stores up to 28 bottles of your best bottles of wine. Not only will your wine be happy, being at the optimal temperature, you will be happy with the stylish look and functions of this cooler.

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