How to find good cheap Bordeaux

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In this video I explain a few tips about how to search for good inexpensive Bordeaux. Bordeaux is a wine region in France that makes an ocean of wine that varies greatly in quality and price. How does one navigate these waters and find good value Bordeaux for the price point? Watch the video and please subscribe to my channel! Cheers

Wine and Spirits Talk – Get Into The World Of Original German Beers!

Get into the world of original German beers! Throughout Germany, beer is very popular with the culture. German beer is highly diverse and an important part of Germany’s culture. Beer is so pervasive amongst the populace; Germany has become synonymous with beer consumption in the world’s mind. The Germans are behind only the Czechs and the Irish in their per capita consumption of beer.

Different Grains That Can Be Used For Beer

Beer has been brewed all over the world using the grains that are common to that particular country or region. The most common of these grains are barley and wheat, however, any grain can be used to brew beer. The flavor of the beer is greatly affected by the type of grain used. Many people get used to drinking a certain type of beer and develop a taste for it above others.

How Temperature Effects Beer Making

The temperature at which you brew beer is important to the final product. The variations in temperature are needed in order to produce different types of beer. When yeast is used, fermentation takes place with specific temperatures. The use of malt requires certain temperatures and temperature rests (waiting periods) for proper breakdown of the enzymes.

Process Of Beer Making

Home brewing is a popular hobby around the world. The typical batch of home brewed beer is 5 gallons (19 Liters) in volume. This makes about two cases or 48 12-ounce (355ml) bottles of beer. As a beginner it is best to use a kit that combines the processes of using malt extract and steeping your own grains. Mashing of grains is best left to more advanced brewers.

Thanksgiving Wine Gifts – How To Give The Most Pleasure

Many of us visit family and friends at Thanksgiving, and want to take something along as a gift. Wine is the perfect gift for a time of celebration. But how do you choose the perfect Thanksgiving wine gifts?

The Health Benefits Of Beer

In recent years many health benefits have been identified with drinking beer. Many studies have been done in this area and the results sometimes fluxuate, however, here are the top health benefits of this well-loved drink. Doctors and scientists agree, however, that to get the maximum benefits from beer it should be used only in moderation.

Clarifying Beer

It’s been nearly a month and you’ve waited patiently for your latest batch of homebrewed beer. The time has come and you open a bottle or pull the tap and begin to fill a glass of what you hope will be your next favorite beer (generally speaking my favorite beer is usually the one I’m drinking at the moment). The taste is great but the beer is hazy and not very clear. You know it taste good but it’s hard to convince your friends, who are used to buying and drinking sparkling clear beer, that the cloudy haze is alright to drink and really doesn’t affect the taste.

What is Homebrewing?

Homebrewing refers to the making of beer or similar alcoholic beverages for personal consumption, free distribution at social gatherings, amateur brewing competitions or other non-commercial reasons. The main thing needed to homebrew is patience.

Ways To Sanitize Your Beer Making Equipment

It is important to sanitize all your equipment before starting the brewing process. This ensures that there are no excess bacteria that could potentially grow, causing a risk of disease. Make sure you sanitize all the equipment and utensils you will use in the process as well as the bottles. You must also work in a sanitized and cleanly area. If you don’t sanitize well, your beer-making efforts will be in vain, as an unsanitary product will result in you being unable to drink it.

Beer Adjuncts

Unmalted grains such as corn, rice, rye, oats, barley, and wheat are called adjuncts. They are used in brewing beer and produce beers with added body and a greater brilliancy. Adjuncts also contribute to the flavor of the beer, for example, rice has a very neutral aroma and taste, while corn results in a full flavored beer and wheat adds dryness to beer. Adjuncts also can result in a final product with higher alcohol content without altering the flavor.

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