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Black Wine Glasses for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting has been a practice for nearly as long as there has been wine, and black wine glasses are one method for ensuring tasters are unable to discern key features of the wine’s appearance. The use of dark glasses allow the wine tasting host to focus the tasters on the aroma, texture and taste of the wine rather than on the wine’s reputation or name.

Calories in White Wine

Health conscious individuals are always interested in the caloric content of the foods and beverages they consume. The calories in white wine can vary dependent upon the wine itself. White wine is a term used to describe several varieties of wine, and the calories per glass of each can be different.

Drinks Cabinet – Why Not Try a Globe?

I remember when I was young thinking why do my parents have so many bottles or whisky, port, sherry and wine just sitting in a cabinet somewhere. I mean, why not drink them? Now I am a parent myself I have enough drink bottles to fill a cabinet.

Bulk Wine Glasses for Your Regular Shindigs

Buying bulk wine glasses can make sense under many circumstances. If you regularly host parties you’re bound to have a glass break here and there. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an odd set of glasses after one has broken, requiring you to replace your entire set over and over again. The easiest way to avoid this is to buy in bulk, leaving you with a stock pile of replacement glasses.

Why Do They Say a Glass of Wine a Day Is OK?

Moderation is always a good idea. Moderation in wine drinking is a good idea that may extend your life and improve your health.

The Wine Buff – Quality Wines at Affordable Prices

Wine by any label is still good wine. Nothing could be farther from the truth as this. Anyone who has ever tasted honest to goodness quality wine would know so. While most people would claim knowledge of wine, wine tasting, and wine pairing, it still remains that such a topic is an intricate one…

Great Wines to Pair With Great Food

Pairing wine with food is something most people fear, but it’s not as hard as it may seem. You don’t have to be an expert in wine or food to learn how to pair them together for your next meal or party.

How to Choose a Wine Club

It does not matter whether you are a fan of wine or maybe you just take wine on those special dates and occasions. You should first be able to determine what kinds of wine you like taking. The reason why it is important to figure out what kinds of wine you have an affinity for is that it makes you choose a club easily.

How to Plan a Successful Wine Tasting Party in Five Easy Steps

If you’ve never hosted a wine tasting party before, the thought may be intimidating. The less of an “aficionado” you consider yourself, the more daunting it sounds. Actually, you needn’t be a pro to plan a wine tasting party.

Adding a Built In Wine Cooler to Your Home

If you’re a wine lover and planning to remodel your kitchen you should consider adding a built in wine cooler to your plans. Or perhaps you’re planning a wine cellar in your basement or another dark, secluded corner of your home.

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