How the Town of Victor Got Its Name

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Victor Vineyards’ Founder, Rob Lawson, tells the tale of how the small town of Victor (near Lodi) was named. Victor Vineyards is a small, family-run winery handcrafting delicious, award-winning wines. Learn more at

How To Start Your Own Wine Collection

One of the joys in life is to experience “ah-ha” moments, when you realize something new. I had a food and wine “ah-ha” moment about thirty years ago, when I experienced a meal with a tremendous food and wine pairing. That dinner sparked a passion for wine that eventually led to owning a wine cellar. If you have the desire to begin cellaring wines, now is a perfect time to begin.

What Is Champagne Pommery?

Champagne Pommery is a very famous tourist destination in Reims, France. Champagne Pommery also offers some very thrilling underground cellar tours, as well as wine tasting. If you’re a fan of wine and champagne, then you really need to visit this estate!

How to Choose a Breakfast Wine

Breakfast celebrations are becoming increasingly popular. This article will take you through some easy tips to help you choose a breakfast wine.

Proper Wine-Tasting Etiquette

Wine tasting events can be a wonderful experience; not only do you get to taste many exotic drinks, but you can also mingle with people of different backgrounds. However, it is important to use good etiquette when you are there, not only for your own sake, but for the people around you.

Organic Wine – From The Wineyard To The Bottle

This is a short introduction to organic wine – how it is grown and made. What is Organic Wine? Organic wines are made from grapes which are grown without recourse to synthetic fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Vegan Wines – What Are They and Where To Find the Best Vegan Wines

You’re a vegan and a wine lover? You may know this already, but not all wine is vegan – animal based substances are commonly used in making wine. Read on for more information and tips on where to find the best vegan wines you can enjoy without compromising your morals.

Wine Decanter – What It Is and Why You May Need One

Are you interested in learning about a wine decanter? If so, in this article we are going to go over what a decanter is used for, the reason it is needed, and how you can go about choosing a decanter. That means that after you have finished reading this article you will learn about wine decanters and what they are used for, and what kind of decanter to choose.

Learning More About Wine – History, Vineyards, and Wineries

Wine is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Not only can you learn about it, but you can taste it and enjoy the flavors or savor the exquisite tastes that they make the wines in. There is a long history of where wine originated, and how it has improved over the years. There are also a great many vineyards and wineries that offer a number of wines for testing, and also events that can be visited. Wine has come quite a long way over time, and people continue to enjoy the sweet taste that comes from within many different types of bottles.

How Wine Stoppers Prevent Your Wine From Losing Its Zing After Opening

Bottle stoppers are probably the simplest way to protect wine from losing its zing after opening. How do wine stoppers work and are they really effective?

The Surprising Origins of Champagne

There are many tales, myths and histories about how Champagne, that drink of high celebration, came into being. Champagne is the name given to the prestige sparkling wine made in that region of France. Surprisingly, there is evidence that it was the English, not the French, who initially invented sparkling wine and that women had a hand in perfecting the techniques that result in the Champagne we know today!

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