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Learn how to critically taste Champagne with Wine Folly’s Madeline Puckette. In this tasting we try the 2006 “Palmes d’Or” Champagne by Nicolas Feuillatte and dig into “what is quality?”

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We created a guide on how to choose Champagne and explain some of the terms I speak about casually in this video. Terms like “residual sugar” or “dosage” refer to sparking winemaking methods. Be sure to check out more about Champagne in the link above on Wine Folly!

Beer Trivia

I’ve never witnessed a game of beer trivia. I’m not even sure it exists. But there are plenty of questions they should include if the game just happens to exist.

Have a Fun Wine Tasting Adventure in Camarillo

Camarillo, a city part of the Ventura County, offers a quiet and charming lifestyle for its residents and a laid-back environment for vacationers. It is considered majorly as a residential community. Camarillo may not be famous for a wine tasting adventure compared to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez, but it has some local wineries that will surprise you with their great selection of wines.

10 Great Christmas Party Cocktails

We all love throwing Christmas parties. We list the top ten greatest Christmas party cocktails for a splendid Christmas party.

Useful Tips on How to Write Wine Tasting Notes

Wine enthusiasts are very particular with the taste of the wines they drink. They would even smell them first before they take a good sip just to savour the flavour. Wines are not just enjoyed by wine fanatics. Everyone can actually enjoy a savory wine to relax and unwind. One thing that makes wines even much exciting to drink is by doing wine tasting.

Red Wine and Cheese – Has The Relationship Gone Sour?

Do you drink red wine with cheese, or is it not on? Food and wine pairing is totally subjective I know, but does a glass of white wine marry up better than any glass of red? Let’s find out.

Wine Decanters: Elegant Work Horses

Wine decanters make wonderful gifts and, some might say, important pieces to have in your home. Especially for connoisseurs, they perform a more important function than just providing something more elegant to pour your house bottle from than the bottle.

The Top 5 Glassware Items Found in Bars

Every Bar needs certain basic glassware items that correspond with the most popularly ordered items. In this article, learn the basic necessities for any barware collection.

Dark Days for Craft Beer Ahead

The times are looking dark for craft beer – dark in color, that is. The winter is traditionally reserved for heavier, darker beers, and with spring still some time off, there are plenty of opportunities to find out what dark beers offer. In fact, a growing number of beer lovers prefer to have dark brews throughout the year.

Tap Hunter Helps You Find Craft Beers Quickly and Easily

As a craft beer lover, you no doubt know just how hard it can be to find the perfect beer in your area. While the search itself can be enjoyable, it can also be daunting. Just think of all those bars and pubs that serve nothing but mass-produced beers that you’ll have to sift through to find just one that offers craft beer!

Information And Helpful Tips About Wine Carrier Bags

Wine carrier bags can be quite useful to a number of people when it comes to certain occasions, both inside and out. Thanks to the number of choices that consumers have when it comes down to style, color and so on, it’s often where people can find something to suit their individual taste or what they might need in order to match what they need for specific settings.

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