How Salt and Sugar Affect the Taste of Wine

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*I may earn commissions, including Amazon affiliate commissions, from links on this site. Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains one of the most important concepts behind pairing wine with food: how salt and sugar affect the taste of wine.

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Wine Bottle Refrigerator – 5 Critical Elements For Proper Wine Storage

Learn the 5 critical elements for the storage and aging of your fine wine collection. By better understanding what variables effect the taste of your wine you can choose the wine bottle refrigerator that best meets your needs.

Top Reviews on the Process of Making Wine

The actual process of making wine is pretty giant really. There’s a difference between white wines, ros, and red wines. For white wines, you’re going to pick the grape and press the grape terribly you aren’t getting a large amount of tannin. Tannin comes from what’s wrong and the skin and is what is seated they are into exploring and kind of coats your teeth in amount of difficulty.

Sparkling Wine – How Bubblies of the World Are Created (And Enjoyed)

Champagne and other sparkling wines, or bubbly, of the world are the undisputed champions of celebratory drinks. But these are perhaps the least understood type of beverage, making bubblies a mystical and romantic drink. We examine here sparkling wine production and how/when else to enjoy bubbly apart from New Year’s Eve or at a wedding.

The Story Behind Organic Wines

The term “organic wine making” is a just fancy way of saying the wine was made from naturally grown grapes. After World War II and the slew of modernizations, it brought about, there were many new techniques developed for farming that were intended to make soil more fertile and profitable by adding pesticides and herbicides to prevent crop damage, and also adding chemicals to the soil or water that plants used for nutrients.   These techniques were also applied to vineyards, which are known to be very sensitive to many environmental factors such as …

How to Make Dandelion Wine

How to Make Wine… It’s a question that has so many answers that it is hard to know where to begin. That is why I am writing this article on “How to Make Dandelion Wine”. I’ve written a number of articles on how to make wine in general, but I have not yet included an actual recipe. So, for those you who want to know, here is my personal recipe for “Rocky Mountain Sunshine.”

How to Make Herb Wine

The town and city dweller (and countryman, too, for that matter) may make all the old favorite wines of Granny’s day for next to nothing. Practically no work is involved because, unlike fresh fruits which have to be gathered and roots that have to be scrubbed, grated and boiled, suitable packets of herbs are available ready for use in the making of herb wine. Parsley wine, Sage Wine, and Yarrow wine are among the wines you will be able to make after reading this article.

Just What is a Wine Cork?

Wine cork is defined as the lightweight elastic outer bark of the cork oak tree used especially for bottle closures, insulation, floats, and crafts. Cork is an amazingly versatile natural material. It is harvested from the Cork Oak tree and is unharmed by the process, thus the cork oak tree can produce for up to 150 years. Corks elasticity makes it suitable for bottle stoppers on wine bottles…

How to Make Wine – Afraid to Venture Into Winemaking?

Making wine is an interesting process when you have a good recipe and knowledge. Here you will find a 7 step process for winemaking.

White Wine Types – Wine Basics Part 2

The more you know about wine, the more interesting it becomes. In this article you will learn about white wine in an easy to understand manner.

Types of Red Wine – Wine Basics Part 1

In this article you will learn about different types of red wine along with some general wine basics. In case you are a newbie and would like to learn more about red wines, this is the place to begin.

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