How Rob’s Frog Sauce (Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet) Got Its Name

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Whitney Ryan explains how her husband’s award-winning BBQ sauce got its name. We were introduced to Rob’s Frog Sauce by our friends at Victor Vineyards Winery. Frog Sauce was awarded the title of the“Best Sauce on the Planet” Grand Prize Winner (out of 606 sauces!) in the world’s largest barbecue sauce competition, the American Royal in Kansas City. You can purchase it at

On the road to discovering artisan wines, The California Wine Club discovers artisan accoutrements too.

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Easy Home Made Wine: Easier Than You Think!

Having some wine stashed in your home is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. It is not only fun to have your own project at home. It also makes you feel secure that you can have wine when you want to. It is hard to believe why other people are not creating easy homemade wine. The process is not only easy to do but it will also teach you how to look at wine in a different light.

Sampler Packs Taking Over the World of Craft Beer

Once upon a time, it was pretty standard to buy a 6-pack or 12-pack of your favorite brew at the grocery or liquor store. You might have snagged a 6-pack of Guinness or Heineken, or gone the craft brew route with something from Sweetwater or New Belgium, Sierra Nevada or Redhook. However, things are changing in the way that beers are sold, at least for companies with several popular brews on offer.

Wine and Art – It’s OK If You Don’t Get It

Being a wine painter, and a wine pourer, and a wine drinker opens up many opportunities for watching and analyzing other members of the wino community. For all the varieties of tasters, most fall into one of two categories – those who don’t “get” it and those who pretend to “get” it. This misconception that “getting it” somehow separates the “special” people from the rest of us has hurt the wine and art worlds as a whole. Not all art is meant to be understood; it is only meant to be savored in that moment. And if you don’t want to spend that moment savoring something good, then why be there in the first place? In other words, if you like something and it makes you happy, then you “get” it, and this rule applies to wine, art, and pretty much everything in between.

Beer Lovers Cringe As the Price of Beer Rises

Enjoying a cold one is probably your preferred way to wind down a long day. However, you might be paying more for your beer than you once did. Beer lovers around the nation are experiencing higher prices for their preferred brews.

Essential Home Winemaking Equipment

Many people want to make their own wine at home. However, without the right winemaking equipment, this task will be a lot more difficult. This is a short article that discusses which equipment you’ll need to start making your own great-tasting wines at home!

COWABUNGA, Dudes! – The History of California Wine

Not many people consider the US to be a producer of quality wines. However, the wine produced in California is not only top quality, it has beaten some of the best wines from around the world! Here is an article that discusses the history of the California wine industry.

Red Wine: Some Interesting Health Facts

Do you find yourself irresistibly drawn to your Shiraz and are worried if you are drinking too much? Or are you telling yourself red wine is good for health so it’s OK to drink a lot of it? Here are some interesting facts on red wine that should set things straight.

Beginner’s Guide to Wine Coolers

Why are wine coolers becoming so popular? Wine needs to be stored at the correct temperature in order to maintain its quality. Find out why your kitchen refrigerator won’t adequately do the job.

Tips for Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine can be one of the toughest stains to remove from carpet. Should you let this stop you from having a red wine tasting party? Absolutely not! Read this article for tips on how to remove red wine stains and you’ll have a much more relaxing party!

Wine and Calories: How Many Calories in a Bottle of Wine?

These days, people are always trying to watch their weight by counting calories. Does this mean wine lovers need to cut out wine to lower their caloric intake if they are on a diet? Read this and find out…the answer may surprise you!

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