Holiday Greetings from Favorite Artisan Wineries

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Some of our favorite artisan wineries have a holiday messages for our members. See what they have to say! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Exploring the Types and Styles of Beer

A few years ago, choosing a beer for most people was as simple as deciding among domestic or foreign and light or dark beer. With the introduction and popularity of microbrew and handcrafted beer, many more options are available and most people now find it useful to have a basic knowledge of the different types and styles of beer, especially when offering beer with food.

Buy Wine Online: Australia Wine Regions

Australia is one of the largest exporters of wine today. Find out more about their popular wines and wine regions before you buy wine online in Australia.

Minimum Price Could Bet Set on Wines

The wine industry is a fast paced and competitive industry with a number of companies competing for a customer’s hard earned pound. At the moment, customers enter their local supermarket or convenience store and can browse the selection of wines from various companies.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour Industry

The city of Melbourne, in Australia is well known for its restaurants and cafe culture, but what most people don’t know, is that less than one hour drive from Melbourne’s city center, are some of the most beautiful, scenic wineries and landscapes in Australia. According to statistics obtained from the Melbourne Government website the Yarra Valley wine tours industry has seen a dramatic spike in the number of tourists flocking to the wine region in recent years. More and more international tourists traveling to Melbourne are becoming aware of the treasures that the Yarra Valley has to offer, including some…

Why a Wine Refrigerator Is a Great Idea

Wine expert or not, many of us know all about the various ways people would store wine before the invention of electricity. If you graduated high school from anywhere (yes, even my hometown), you will likely know that the wealthy stored their wine in caves and underground cellars hundreds of years before the inventions of Edison, Bell, Tesla, and others gave way to the electrical revolution. There is a reason underground cellars and caves were seen as ideal for storage: it’s because they had all of the ingredients for proper storage of wine bottles: the spaces were cool, dark,…

Hand Blown Wine Glasses – Are They Really Worth The Price?

Hand blown wine glasses are a bit more expensive compared to ordinary wine glasses that you normally see in restaurants and bars. They are made with hands; hence you can expect that you will be spending more money for it. The problem is that there are people who are wondering whether the price that they will be spending for hand blown wine glasses is worth it or not.

Bordeaux Wine Tours Offer VIP Vacations to Connoisseurs

Bordeaux wine tours offer an exclusive look behind the scenes at what goes into producing the world’s finest wines. Tours of the French wineries are available to a select few people each year who enjoy savoring the wines that have been produced by the same families for generations.

Beginners Guide To Hosting A Wine Tasting Party, Part 1 of 3

I’m not a wine snob. I don’t know all of the sophisticated things to do to host an elegant wine tasting party. What I do know is what I like in wine. And I discovered a way to find out what pairs with what. I learned at an informal wine tasting event. In this 3 part series, I will tell you my journey of hosting a small wine tasting party for some of my friends. First I’ll discuss the planning and preparation, next the actual event, and finally the wrap-up or ‘post mortem’ for you CSI types.

The Difference Between Glass and Crystal Wine Glasses

When deciding whether to buy everyday, inexpensive wine glasses or invest in crystal stemware, there are several factors to consider. Learn if there is really a difference between the two materials.

A Quick History of Wine Making

Wine has not always been the amazing product that it currently is. It has gone through several changes over the years. This is due to all of the different cultures that have adopted, loved and improved it over the millennia.

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