Hold a Wine Glass like a Pro

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Chapter 5 of the Wine Etiquette Series.
Watch Chapter 4 on how to swirl wine: https://youtu.be/geZm4BogkFc

This is Episode #6 of Julien’s Wine School series where Julien illustrates to hold a glass of wine like pros do or like a sommeliers and following the win etiquette to enjoy your tasting experience, for yourself or to impress your wine friends and guests.
This short wine course video details all the good reasons why holding your wine glass by the stem or the base of the stemware will allow to be swirling your wine better as well as making you look classier in a sophisticated event, and more importantly, allow you to enjoy your vino more.

Chapter 1 of Julien’s Wine Etiquette series about how to open a bottle of wine: https://youtu.be/c0dArXrPBwk:

Shout out to Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly (Essential Guide to Wine Book author), and Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV (wineliberarytv) for having inspired me to start making wine education and tasting videos on YouTube.


Organic Wine Making For the Health of Your Wine

There are many aspects of organic wine making. Let’s define organic first: organic means of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or hormones. After World War II, the key to almost everything was in modernization. For most of the wineries this meant using pesticides, herbicides, and the effort to train vines on straight wires to facilitate machine picking.

Grape Trellis – a Spine For the Vine

Almost everyone knows about grapes: they are fruits, they grow in bunches, they grow on vines, and they are sweet and juicy — well, at least they are supposed to be. Grapes are eaten as is or made into things like raisins, juice, and wine.

How to Host a Wine Tasting

The first step to an enjoyable wine tasting party is to decide on the mood and theme of the party. Will this be a casual get-together where friends can sample different wines any time during the evening, or will it be a more structured affair, where guests all sample each wine at the same time, comparing notes and discussing their preferences?

5 Top Tips on How to Taste Wine

Know how to taste wine correctly and you will appreciate and understand it more. You will find there is so much going on with the taste buds than you had realised.

Are There Rocks in My Wine?

Minerality does not appear as a classification on Ann Noble’s Wine Wheel (for the uninformed, a wheel of aromas grouped into standard classifications – kind of the Neo-Wine Gnostic’s analog to the nerd engineer’s circular slide rule). Of course Dr. Noble works for UC Davis in California, where we rarely have the need to mention minerality when describing local wines.

How to Grow Grapes and Make Wine

The Egyptians are the first to have recorded history indicating that wine played a significant role in their sacred rituals. In Europe there is evidence of wine and wine making in the region of Macedonia dating as far back as 6500 years ago. Today wine plays an important role in social interaction and is synonymous with celebration and enjoyment. The process of wine making is a long and arduous one, but well worth the fruits it will bare.

The Story of Scotch Whisky

Scotland is famous for many things, but perhaps none more so than Scotch Whisky. Many have tried to recreate this famous beverage in other parts of the world, but only in Scotland can the perfect ingredients and environment be found to produce the perfect whisky. Understanding the origins, manufacturing process, and qualities of good single malt whisky adds to the pleasure of drinking this king of drinks.

How to Achieve Success With White Wine Making at Home

There are three essential parts of white wine making. These are extraction of the flavor from the ingredients, the fermentation process, and the bottling. To be a success at white wine making, you should make sure that you are equipped to handle all three processes involved.

Vineyard Grapes – More Than a Hobby

Grapes are fruits that grow in clusters on vines. They are classified as berries in botany. Grape bunches can have as few as six individual fruits, all the way up to 300 in one cluster depending on the variety.

Champagne Grapes Are Not in Champagne

Did you know that it is not the champagne grape that is in Champagne and it is only called champagne if it comes from a place in France and the label says Champagne, most people are drinking sparkling wine and don’t even know it. There are only three types of grapes allowed in champagne and they are: white grapes of chardonnay, and the black grapes of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

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