Hesperian Wines: Crafted with Pride and Aged to Perfection new

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A fascination with plants led Philippe Langner from the Congo to California’s U.C. Davis. After graduation, he fell in love with winemaking while working at a Rothschild property in Bordeaux. In 2001, Philippe returned to California for the harvest and began his winemaking career in Napa. Learn more about this winery: https://www.cawineclub.com/Hesperian-Wines_FW352.html

Champagne’s Top 5 In The Game

Champagne. This article will give a break down of 5 of the most exclusive champagne’s in the world today.

Tips on Moving Your Wine and Spirits Collection

Learn how to protect your collection of wine and spirits when you are moving to a new home. Keep this aspect of your life safe and prevent your wine or spirits from being ruined along the way.

The Bordeaux Region Of France

Bordeaux, a region situated in the southwest of France, is best known for its multitude of excellent chteaux that supply the world with some of the finest wines available and has made a name for itself as the capital of the world’s wine industry. Accordingly, it also plays host to the prestigious Vinexpo, which is known as the international wine fair that leads the way in the wine market. The perfect climate and the centuries of vineyard experience in Bordeaux appears to deserve the credit for growing the best quality varieties of grapes that are the key ingredients in the delicious blends popular across the globe.

Start A Great Career With Wine Making

Do you love to make wine but do not have requisite cash to start your own winery or vineyard? Do not worry as you can go for wine jobs to get involved in the process of wine making. Wine jobs can prove to be great career options that fulfill your desire and provide you a lucrative avenue. Here is a quick look over the avenues open for winemakers.

Buy the Wine, Not the Hype

Too often, people disregard local wines in favor of more expensive imports. Wine has democratized over the last 20 years, and local wines can often be less pricey while sacrificing little or nothing in terms of quality.

Wine Temperature: A Guide to Temperatures for Red, White and Sparkling Wines

Recently my husband and I conducted an experiment with our favorite wines. He drank his favorite red Zinfandel at 7 to 8 degrees cooler and I drank my favorite Chardonnay 10 -12 degrees warmer. Wow! This simple change brought out a lemon and spice taste that I had not enjoyed before. For my husband the flavors and aromas wonderfully came alive in his glass. For both of us it was a very pleasant experience. So, if wine temperature is so important, what serving temperature is recommended for red, white and sparkling varieties?

Sparkling Times Ahead for Wine With the Diamond Jubilee

On 5th June, Queen Elizabeth will celebrate her diamond jubilee and many patriotic Brits around the country will be gathering around the sofas to enjoy the celebrations with their nearest and dearest. When it comes to celebrating, there are not many that do it better than us Brits and as you bring your family and friends together, make sure that you have all the ingredients you need to enjoy the celebrations. When you are planning any get together, you need to think about who you are inviting as in order to make sure the atmosphere is as friendly as…

Hand Blown Wine Glasses – Do You Really Need It?

Due to different articles telling people who important hand blown wine glasses are, more and more people are thinking that they really need to have these for their business. Some of them even think that their occasion won’t be great if not for these glasses. If you want to find out more about the importance of these glasses, and to find out whether you are required to have it or not, then it would be better if you are going to read this article.

Are Coffee, Tea and Wine Really Good for Your Health?

Coffee, tea or wine can all be enjoyed with the added benefits of unexpected healthfulness. Start your day with your favorite A.M. drink and end the day with a couple glasses of red wine.

Not All Hand Blown Wine Glasses Are Beneficial

More and more people are spending money to buy hand blown wine glasses, thinking that it will be beneficial for them. The problem is that most of them are spending money on something that they are not expecting to have, and this is the reason why there are a lot of people who are complaining about hand blown wine glasses.

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