Herzog Winery Presented by The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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A vine growing in scant soils struggles yet produces spectacular fruit. So it was with the Herzog family, whose struggles during the Holocaust WWII and the Great Depression only strengthened their determination to handcraft terrific wines. Once in America, they seized the American Dream. Today their bustling winery with an elegant restaurant inside, is testimony to the Herzogs’ resilience. The California Wine Club is proud to be able to offer wine club members an opportunity to taste handcrafted wine from Herzog Winery.

Keg Coolers – Tips and Idea

People who like to go out and have a few drinks know how important it is to have their beer chilled to the proper temperature. While it is possible to chill beer in the refrigerator at home, beer is bulky and can take up a lot of the space intended for food. If you have a recreation room or garage with a little extra space, keg coolers are the perfect way to keep perfectly cooled beer on tap for any party or celebration at home.

Different Reasons For Growing A Grape

The different reasons for growing grapes and the procedures to take when starting a vineyard depending on what your reason for growing grapes. How to determine what you want to grow grapes for.

Understanding How Wine Is Made

While there are many wine varieties, they basically follow the same wine-making process. Here is a quick look at the wine-making process.

Learn A Thing Or Two About Liquor Pourers

Patrons are often unaware of the problems bars and nightclubs have to deal with once their clientele has left. Nobody would suspect that the employees have to secure the liquor pourers every night with covers to ensure that no fruit flies will get in and spoil their drinks.

Buy Wine Online: It Is Easy and Comfortable

You have always wanted to buy wine online, but did not know how to go about it. In your brave attempt to unearth the information about it, you had asked some of your friends and relatives about it. Most of them seemed ill informed and where they had some information, it was not up to the mark. This is the same mistake many do and you are not the lone person.

Unique Wine Glasses

Having unique wine glasses for serving guests can add to your dinner party atmosphere or simply to your own personal table setting decor. The uniqueness of glasses is one way to make your party memorable, making a special event that much more special for your guests.

Wine Tours For The Wine Lovers And Connoisseurs

Wine tours are great events filled with wonderful activities and entertainment provided by winemakers and wine lovers too. Everyone can enjoy beautiful vineyards, wine tasting sessions, live music and fun socializing during these wine tours and festivals. Food and wine will be served and everyone can enjoy an overall awesome experience.

What Is White Wine Sangria?

Sangria is a fruit-based punch which incorporates wine to achieve a sweet, spicy, tangy or brisk delectable drink for festive occasions. It has its cultural roots in Spain, and is traditionally made with red wine, though white wine sangria has become quite popular as well.

Save Time, Money and Worry With Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Wine glasses by their very nature and design are quite fragile. Made of thin glass, with long stems, wine glasses are commonly broken, especially after a night of enjoying libations. For this reason, you may be looking for unbreakable wine glasses for your collection, hoping to save yourself some headaches in the future. Or perhaps you’re throwing a big get together were a few glasses will inevitably be broken.

Should You Use a Wine Aerator for White Wine?

This holiday season, take your favourite bottle of white, and serve a glass through an aerator, and one directly through the bottle. This is a great game to play with your friends and relatives, many have never seen an aerator before and will be completely dazzled by the difference in wines they’ve been drinking for years. Aeration makes good wines great, and great wines fabulous.

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