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Since 1990, it’s been our wine club’s mission to help artisan wineries share their small-batch wines with wine enthusiasts everywhere. At The California Wine Club we happen to think these wines simply taste better than the mass-produced wines that dominate store shelves. We visit the wineries, meet the families and winemakers behind the wines and then invite them to share their favorite wines with our wine club members. Every wine featured in our five monthly wine clubs comes from a real-working winery and is proudly backed by our wine club’s Love It Guarantee. If quality and service matter to you, and you’ve been searching for a wine of the month club to try out, we invite you to give us a try and get to know the artisan wineries we feature.

Wine Tips to Save You Time, Money, and Stress

For most people, wine is a daily necessity, but not all wine lovers actually have a wonderful wine experience all the time. Read along to find out how you can save yourself time, money, and stress with your favorite bottle of wine.

Food And Wine Trails In The Canterbury Region

As well as the landscape, small towns, beaches, sheep, Kiwi birds and ski fields, New Zealand is known for the quality of its internationally-recognised wine and cuisine. In the South Island, the Canterbury region is the top destination for international travellers. With the largest airport and Christchurch as the largest city south of Wellington, more people touch down here than anywhere else south of the capital.

Biodynamic Wines in Top Restaurants and Bars

With organic and biodynamic wines becoming increasingly popular, the top restaurants are including them on their wine lists more and more. Claude Bosi’s restaurant Hibiscus have nine wines all from one biodynamic vineyard – Chateau le Puy. One of the most popular Bordeaux Biodynamic vineyards, which has been in the same family since the 1600’s, Chateau le Puy is mostly made up of the Merlot grape, and is a full-bodied red wine.

RSA Online – Your Stepping Stone To Gainful Employment In The Hospitality Industry

What is RSA? RSA stands for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. This is a course taken by anyone who is planning to work with alcoholic beverages. The training course is meant to do away with troubles that come from too much alcohol intake.

Restaurant Chronicles: Search for the Finest Italian Cuisine

Many people love Italian dishes because of its health benefits and rich flavor. Restaurants that offer these dishes along with modern wineries, however, can be hard to find. Read on for some tips on identifying quality Italian food.

What’s the Difference in Wine Glass Shapes?

Choosing the right glass for true wine lovers is defined by the varietal of grape you want to drink. Each varietal requires a slightly different shape of glass to bring out its unique characteristics. The glass from which you drink says a lot about which wines your drink.

Winemaking: Oak Barrels and Wine

Many of us know that most quality wines are matured in oak barrels. But the question is why? What are the benefits and disadvantages?

Wine and Celebration Have Gone Together For Thousands of Years

Other than me, have others wondered how wine became such an integral part of celebrations and recognition of friendships? I have found that wine has been a part of cultures for 10,000 years, but who’s counting? Wine has been with kings and commoners and their festivities for a long time.

The Remarkable Short Stem Wine Glass

Many wine connoisseurs prefer long stem wine glasses, but I want to share the great points about using short stem wine glasses for all of your beverage choices, including wines! You no longer have to have special glasses for particular kinds of wine. Use one glass for every kind even for every day!

Oaxaca Mezcal Producers Court Sociedad De Mezcaleros on Central Valleys Visit

The secret Sociedad de Mezcaleros continues to intrigue Americans and Canadians interested in mezcal, the spirit produced mainly in Oaxaca, in south central Mexico. It continued its forray into the state’s central valleys in March, 2013, attracting the interest of mezcal producers and marketers intent upon wooing new and existing aficionados of the high alcohol content drink, including bar owners and bartenders, in particular those resident in the US northwest.

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