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Terminology to Know When Making Wine

Although wine making is a hobby pursued by many people today, they can tell you how hard it is to perfect your technique and sense of balance in order to produce wine that is at least edible. It takes a lot of practice to get the perfect brew and unless you are aware of some of the basic techniques, it could take you longer.

6 Facts You Should Know About the Most Expensive Champagne in the World

Everybody enjoys a glass of quality champagne. Champagne has been around for quite some time now and it is mainly used for toasts at important birthdays, weddings, christenings and engagements. Champagne is also widely associated with luxury and high life.

Wine Bottle Holders, Styles, Types and Function

So let’s say you want to display a special bottle of wine but you want to do it in a unique way, something that suits your style or personality. Well, that’s easy get a wine bottle holder. The styles and varieties are almost endless.

Great Things That Have Happened in Bars

We have an interesting history, and you might be surprised how much of it began in a bar. It would make sense that our history is so intertwined with our lives spent in pubs and taverns around the world. After all, it’s a great place to meet for any reason.

De-Mystifying Biodynamic Farming

Forget all the nonsense that you have heard about biodynamic farming and discover the actual science that it is based upon. Biodynamic farming is nothing more than old fashioned farming techniques that have been around for thousands or years.

How Is White Wine Made?

There are certain things that you must do differently when making white wine over red wines. White wine has a delicate taste there fore it is a more delicate process. This article details some of the main differences and the cause and effects of proper white wine making.

Why Your Homemade Wine Might Taste Funny

Is your home wine making efforts leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth? Than you need to read this. There are many factors that can leave your wine tasting like crud. Finding a good place to share ideas is very important too. Many times you can make a very minor change and return dramatically different results.

What Makes a Wine “Dry”?

Ever wonder what makes a red wine dry? We hope to answer this question for you here. There are a few variables that make a wine dry. Knowing these can help you when picking a wine to go with food or making your own wine.

The UK Sees Interesting New Beer Trends

While much of the world might be taking cues from the American craft brew scene, that does not mean that other nations do not have their own innovation and evolution going on. In fact, the UK has some interesting trends emerging that might have the potential to cross the pond and start making waves here in the US. Getting a peek at these before they start to make inroads into American beer consumption can offer some benefits.

Pairing Beer With Food – A Brief How To Guide

Wine and food pairings are nothing new. There are hundreds of years’ worth of study behind these pairings. However, beer shouldn’t be left out of the meal planning.

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