GV Cellars, Another Discovery from The California Wine Club

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Just southeast of Napa Valley is a slice of California wine country that is uncrowded, unspoiled, unpretentious and ready to serve up high quality wines at affordable prices. Established in 1983, the tiny Solano County/Green Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA) is only about one mile wide and four miles long. It boasts roughly 400 acres of grapes within its bucolic boundaries, and has long been a source of quality fruit for top Napa wineries. This beautiful, rustic setting is home to GV Cellars. Founded in 2005, this boutique winery quickly became the place for visitors and locals to enjoy distinguished, Italian-style wines, warm hospitality and picturesque views. “We are the only winery in the Solano County/Green Valley area with a tasting room open to the public that lets you sit upstairs overlooking the beautiful view of the vineyards,” says General Manager Vicki McKeown. “Our guests refer to us as ‘Green Valley’s Hidden Gem.'”

Wine History

This article is a brief history on wine from 5400 BC until present day. Wine has been presented to us in many ways and for many reasons. Please enjoy our article.

Early History of German Beer Brewing

The history of beer brewing in Germany is a colorful one marked by social, political, and economic rivalries. Through this often violent past, a remarkable beverage has emerged, one that combines the tastes of yesteryear with the enrichments of modern times.

Sample The Fine Wines Of Marlborough, New Zealand

There’s no better place to plan a holiday than New Zealand. It’s beautiful, friendly and, while quaint at times, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do – even the locals often choose touring another region over travelling outside of the country. If you’re visiting for the first time and you’re not sure where to stay, book a luxury lodge in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand’s culinary region and home to some of the best wines in the world.

Australian Online Wine

Wine is produced and exported extensively in Australia. White and Red wines are loved by people all over the world. With the passage of time wine has become an important part of Australian culture…

Different Ways in Which You Can Make High Quality Wine Bottle Art for Your Home or Wine Bar

Have you ever wondered if you had artistic skill? Wine bottle art is a great way for you to express yourself without having to invest a lot of money or time. Check out online tutorials or venues that promote this type of art if you want to know more.

Whisky Regions of Scotland – Islay

The production of single malt Scotch whisky is a fascinating subject. Have you ever been confused at the different types of whiskies available? This article examines the whisky produced on the island of Islay. Find out what makes these whiskies unique and stand out from the others.

How to Cook With Rose Wine

These rose wines normally turn to be sweet, but the dries version will help you create an ideal cook with rose wine. These roses seem to be ideally suited for refreshing beverages, pasta dishes & light colored food. If a dish seems highly suited or suitable for pairing with these roses, you can prepare any dish with a small amount of your wine. You should go through following instructions, when it’s all about to cook with rose wine.

Why Is Body Important In A Wine?

Body, with reference to wine, is often talked about, but what is it exactly? Body refers to the texture of the wine in the mouth. This texture or viscosity comes from two sources, and understanding it can help when selecting a new wine.

Syrah and Shiraz Wine: What’s the Difference?

People often talk about Syrah and Shiraz wine together, as these punchy, popular reds are made from the same dark-skinned grape. However, based on the climate and soil in which they are produced, they can differ greatly in style, from the usually lighter, leaner old-world Syrah, to the richer, riper, more full-bodied Shiraz wine of the new world.

How to Pair Wine With Pulled Pork

We do not often go into a meal with a clear idea of what the wine is going to taste like. Some people start with wine and then select the dinner menu accordingly. We normally do the reverse, choosing dinner and then the wine. But not long after we tried Heart & Hands Pinot Noir at Brooklyn Winery, we received a bottle of their Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir in the mail. Having thoroughly enjoyed their “normal” Pinot Noir, we felt compelled to do something special with the Reserve version. Nate decided to prepare a special dish just for this wine. We expected even stronger earth notes in the reserve, so we decided to try a heartier dish. Nate decided to cook Pulled Pork with a Blue Cheese Mushroom Sauce.

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