Grocery Wine Showdown (Cabernet Under $20)

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Wine Somm, Madeline Puckette, analyzes Cabernet under $20. The question is, are these wines actually good? Or, should we be afraid? see full article here:

How to Store and Serve Champagne

How long should I keep champagne? Those of you who have visited the Champagne region will have seen the many miles of underground tunnels carved out of the chalk where there’s high humidity, little light, no disturbance and where the temperature is a constant 100 C all year round; in short, the perfect conditions for storing champagne for many years. Back home most of us don’t have the same facilities for keeping wine, so the first piece of advice shouldn’t surprise you: don’t keep your champagne too long!

Australian Wine Industry

Vines were planted in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia within a year or two of settlement. This then became the foundation of the Australian Wine Industry.

Cheap Wine Glasses Buying Guide

Wine glasses can be very expensive and fragile, and usually those are used for just personal special occasions. Where can you get functional, nice-looking alternatives that will still give your party an air of sophistication without breaking the bank? There are many worthwhile places to look, so don’t get discouraged.

The Art of Wine Tasting – How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Wine tasting is an interesting conversation subject at parties. While some people are really interested in it and want to learn how to taste wine the proper way, others will simply say ‘but I know how to taste wine, I don’t need a lesson in it’. In a way it’s true, everybody has the knowledge on proper wine tasting, however not everyone actually knows how to apply that knowledge in real life.

Fuller’s Breweries – All You Need to Know About Fuller’s Brews!

Home of London Pride, Chiswick, Golden Pride Jack Frost and Red Fox- Fullers Breweries has it all. Read on to learn more about the famous historic brewery!

Wedding Wine – How to Pick the Best For Your Wedding

Most people associate weddings with Champagne; it’s the customary choice for wedding toasts. But wines are just as customary and should be considered with care when planning your reception menu.

Budweiser Beer – What Makes the Bud So Good?

In 1876, Anheuser-Busch Companies, the largest brewing company in the United States of America introduced what is now a very popular name. No, not Budweiser, but more notably, Budweiser Large Beer. Budweiser beers are brewed with a large proportion of rice, along with barley malt and hops.

Gulpen Beer – Exotic Beer From the Glacial Rivers of Netherlands!

Ever wondered what original European beer tastes like? Then you’re NOT going to believe what you’re about to read! We’re sure you’ve never heard of a beer that changes taste when drunk- so read on to learn more about Gulpen Beer!

Brouwerij ‘t IJ – Netherlands’ World Famous Brewery

One of the smaller, yet productive breweries in Netherlands is Brouwerij ‘t IJ. The word Brouwerij literally translates to ‘brewery’ in English. Since the year 1985, when it was founded by Kasper Peterson, the company has been producing Belgian beer at a very reasonable rate.

Wedding Toast – How to Pick the Best Champagne For Your Wedding

No wedding is complete with out the clinking of the glasses and the toasts given by loved ones to honor the bride and groom. Everyone enjoys raising a glass to toast to the happy couple, but how do you decide the best champagne or sparkling wine to serve at your wedding?

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