Grgich Hills Estate: Decades of Winemaking Expertise in Every Glass 1080p

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In 2008 world-renowned Winemaker Mike Grgich was inducted into the Vintners Hall of Fame. His estate Cabernet is built for aging, typically peaking at around 10 years and continuing to develop for another 20 to 30 years. Learn more about this winery:

Connoisseurs Appreciate Exclusive French Burgundy Wine Tours

Unless you happen to be a wine connoisseur you may not be aware that each type of wine is named after the region of France where it was first bottled. Grapes that are grown in Burgundy for example have a distinct taste that comes through in the wines that are derived from that particular region of the French countryside. In the neighboring valleys of the Bordeaux region of the country the wines that are named for the area also have a unique flavor as do the sparkling white wines that come from the Champagne region of France.

Important Information About Wine Coolers

If you have ever wondered about adding wine coolers to your home, the first thing you have to do is learn as much as you can about those little things known as wine cooler cabinets. Did you know that Wine coolers have tinted glass which is a way to prevent deterioration of the wine which can take place due to exposure to ultraviolet light?

Health Benefits Of Red Wine Uncovered

We’ve heard for a long time that one of the health benefits of red wine (drunk in moderation of course) is that it is beneficial to the heart. What’s been more elusive is whether it is the alcohol or the antioxidants in the wine that bring the heart healthy benefits.

Argentinan Wines on the Rise

Following a recent trip to Argentina, it is quite apparent that Argentinian Wines are going through somewhat of a revolution. With Malbec ploughing its way into the wine culture of the UK, it is only a matter of time before other grape varieties follow!

Hand Blown Wine Glass – Is It Overrated?

With all the articles telling you how great a hand blown wine glass is, most people already say that it is overrated and is expensive for the things that it can offer you. The problem with them is that they haven’t seen the amount that other people are spending just to be able to serve better wine for their guests. In this article, we will be discussing not only the things that you can get from a hand blown wine glass, but also the things that you can do in order to find the best.

Most Popular Red Wines

If you are new to wine drinking and you are interested in wine types, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with a basic education on wines, and once you have this knowledge your perception of wines, your tastes and how you purchase wine is going to change forever.

Summer Sun Needs Crisp and Refreshing Wines

When it comes to wines, many people don’t often pair the weather with a certain type of wine. However, just like a full bodied red wine is perfect during the winter months (as well as some tasty mulled wine during the festive period) so is a crisp, refreshing and chilled white wine perfect for those summer days sat on your balcony or in the garden after a hard day at work.

What Are Australia’s Best Pinot Noir’s? Are They Built for Long Term Cellaring?

What are Australia’s best Pinot Noir’s? If you complied a list of Australia’s top 100 wines only 4 or 5 Pinot Noir’s would be included but should it be more?

Hand Blown Wine Glasses 101 – What Should You Know?

Wine glasses are now being used to exhibit luxury and determine the status of a person. There are a lot of glasses that can be found online and offline, but a lot of people are not aware of the things that will help them get the most out of it. This is one of the most common problems of people who are looking for hand blown wine glasses, and is the reason why they are having a hard time in finding the best for them.

Hand Blown Wine Glass – The Art Behind Wine

Aside from the advantages that you can get from using hand blown wine glasses, there are a lot of other things that will help you understand why you need to have it. But since the Internet has very limited information about this type of glass, there are a lot of people who are not aware of the things that will help them understand why they need to start using a hand blown wine glass.

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