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“Wine is neither black nor white. It’s always shades of grey,” says Co-Founder Jean Rowe. “By this we mean, you cannot have a fixed formula or recipe to produce great wine. You have to adapt to what each vintage brings. We believe in a minimalist, traditional way of making wine as opposed to using chemical analysis and additives to modify the wine to fit a preconceived vision.”

Get Rid of a Hangover – 7 Excellent Tips

You wake up and find that you’re not dead. Though death may sound merciful, having detectable vital signs at least is s a good start.

Cornish Wine Producers

This article takes a look at some of Cornwall’s best and biggest wine producers. The industry is now quite large in the county and many growers are getting a reputation for good quality wines.

Vintage Port – The 2009 Vintage

The vintage port declaration of 2009 divided opinion amongst producers. This article presents an assessment of the wines from this vintage.

Best Wines To Put in Your Wine Cellars

Whether you’re a wine novice or a connoisseur, owning wine cellars or its alternative, a wine refrigerator, is a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys wine. Aging wine is an art form that many wine lovers and connoisseurs over the ages have enjoyed for centuries. There is no better feeling than turning a young, vibrant wine into a mature classic, discovering new flavors and aromas for you to enjoy each time you open a bottle.

Ways to Improve Your Wine Tasting Skills

Taste like the experts by using your senses of sight, smell, taste and touch as an organized approach to more meaningful wine tasting. Training yourself to be a better taster is easier than you might think and can even be fun.

How Much Is My Wine Worth?

How much is my wine worth? As a retailer of vintage wine I regularly receive enquiries along the lines ‘I have a 1967 Claret that I found in my grandfather’s cupboard… ” or “I have a case of 1995 Australian Shiraz… “. The line of enquiry than goes on to ask “how much is it worth” or “is it still drinkable”. This article discusses some of the pitfalls associated with selling wine.

A Wine Tasting Tour of Tuscany

What struck me most about the red wines of Tuscany during my recent tasting trip there was their freshness. And this in a climate capable of producing temperatures in the high 30’s. In June. Now that is hot. (Too hot for me, as it turned out last week. For, as I walked across the tarmac at Florence airport, it felt a little as though I had wandered into a pizza oven on full throttle.)

Interesting Facts That May Help You Find the Best Champagne in the World

The ritual of wine and champagne drinking is well known for decades, these alcoholic beverages being symbols of wealth and high class standards. All over the world people associate champagne with special occasions and use it as a means of celebration. But as it always happens in flourishing industries, a lot of illegal manufacturers use the well-established names of some of the best known vineries to sell poorly made products to unsuspecting consumers.

All About Australia’s Sparkling Shiraz

If there is a type of wine that Australia can truly call her own, it’s Sparkling Shiraz. This wine has a long history on the Australian wine scene. Read along to find out more about this truly impressive wine.

Good News About Red Wine Is Hard To Beat, So Here’s Some More

Other than water, the oldest beverage/drink is wine. Since 1948 there has been a lot of research about the health benefits of red wine. Then came the French Paradox, although now there seems to be flaws with that thesis, which heightened the interest in wine for its theraputic values. Now there is more research, from a university in Pittsburgh, that seems to hint that the anti-oxidant value in resveratrol is good for seniors.

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