Greek Wine in 3 Minutes – Xinomavro

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Key facts you should know about one of the best type of Greek red wine grape variety: Xynomavro.
Giving birth to wines often compared to those made in Italy from Nebbiolo (Barolo & Barbaresco), Xynomavro delivers some of the richest and deepest vinos in Greece, including in the famous Naoussa appellation.


How to Make Wine the Old Fashioned Way

Humans have been making wine for about 8,000 years. Without all the modern day equipment, how did our ancestors do it? Did they have yeast? Did they have sterilized vats to make it in? Find out how the earliest winemaker’s made their own wine and how you can, too.

No Time to Make Your Own Homemade Wine?

many people don’t think they have the time to make their own homemade wine at home. While it can take a year or longer to “make” wine, there is very little time required of the winemaker. This article boils the time factors down so you can see how easy and “fast” it really is to make your own wine.

Growth of Wines From Their Origin

Wine is one of the few things for which the people in every part of the world are crazy and it has remained as one of the most popular beverage throughout the history. The facts reveal that people have been enjoying this extremely tempting beverage from the last four thousand five hundred years.

The Nose Knows – How a Wine of the Month Club Uses the Sense of Smell in Choosing Wines

If you’ve ever wondered why wine experts smell a wine before tasting it, this article provides the answer. This article shows how wine connoisseurs and wine clubs use this simple sense to effectively evaluate a wine.

Adams County Winery – Part I

Saturday, December 13th was a cold, clear day in Harrisburg, PA. This is my definition of a perfect day to wander. Brenda and I headed southwest on US 15 and PA 234 to the Adams County Winery in Orrtanna, PA. The drive took us through acres and acres of apple, peach and pear orchards. Brenda and I must remember to return here in the spring to see the trees in bloom.

Petite Sirah – The English Form of Petite Syrah

Petite Sirah comes from the Durif grapes grown primarily in California and Australia. Smaller quantities are grown in Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

How to Make Your Own Wine at Home

You can make your own wine at home following these simple instructions. Making wine at home is fast becoming the popular hobby of millions and with this article, you will be on your way to making your own wine within a few hours. Get the inside scoop and start now.

3 Biggest Mistakes When You Make Your Own Wine

If you want to make your own wine, here are 5 things you MUST avoid or you could end up with either vinegar or a gooey mess. Making your own wine is not only fun but you get to drink what you make! Avoiding these 5 pitfalls will steer you clear of making wine that tastes bad, making vinegar instead of wine, or making something that is full of terrible smelling bacteria.

Wine Chiller

Wine is one of the drinks that leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth and makes you feel like you just want to have more of it. Today, a dinner meal, for many people, would not be complete without this drink. Whoever discovered it in Georgia or Iran must have had some great inspiration.

Wine Cellar

Wine is among the oldest known drinks that have ever existed. Its first production occurred in Georgia and Iran ages ago. It was produced through the fermentation of grape juice. Today however, there are many fruits from which the drink is made including apples, elderberries and strawberries.

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