Gnekow Family Winery’s Winemaker David Brown presents their 2013 Campus Oaks Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

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The Gnekow Family Winery 2013 Campus Oaks Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel won 98 Points at the California State Fair. See Winemaker David Brown explain why this wine is so delicious. Get it while we have it in stock in our wine store:

Cellaring Is a Good Idea for Some Wines

Last month’s column discussed that now is a perfect time to either add to an existing wine collection or start one. The combination of worldwide over-production and a global recession has created a tremendous opportunity to buy wine. The Wine Spectator recently reported that the value wine segment is the hottest price point in the wine industry.

Wine Ingredients: Concentrate, Juice, or Grapes

Beginner wine makers are most likely to be making wine from juice or juice concentrate. The biggest advantage of using concentrate or juice is that it will save you a lot of time and effort when you are learning other aspects of the wine making hobby.

Attend Wine Courses – Learn List of Wines for Medicinal Purposes

I remember my grandmother drinking her wine every night. She would say it was for medicinal purposes. I had to laugh, but you know what — It is true you know. I recently attended several wine courses and learned a great deal about the health benefits of wine. I compiled a list of wines for your review in order to see how much they can keep us healthy.

Wine Tasting Course: Visual Analysis

In this article, the author writes about visual analysis which is one of steps in wine tasting. You will read about the stages of visual analysis namely; clarity, brightness, color and the viscosity.

Wine Printing Success

The first thing a consumer will see on a wine is the label itself, which contains the information an individual would want to know about a certain bottle. This is why wine printing is a key in wine sales.

Choosing the Right Barware for Your Party

Having guests over to the house? It’s always fun to throw a party in your own home, but you want to make sure you make a great impression and have all the supplies you need to host well. When it comes to barware, you want to make sure you have the right glasses for the right drinks and enough to handle all your guests easily.

Wine Storage Tips – It’s All About the Air

If you have never really given any thought as to how you should store wine, then the entire concept can seem a little overwhelming and even the simplest wine storage tips could be useful.  The truth is that you don’t need to build a vast wine cellar to store your wine, you just need to know the basic do’s and dont’s. While there may be a specific need for a certain wine, if you are already actively collecting those bottles, then you are probably well behind needing to learn about basic wine storage tips.

Tabletop Wine Racks

A perfect wine rack is a critical component of the enjoyment of the Dionysian pleasures. Wine must enjoy the right conditions before it is opened so that its flavors can be savored just as the maker intended. In turn, you will not feel shortchanged by a bad wine experience which can seem like your life was short changed in the experience. Thus, choosing wine racks largely depends on two factors.

Why Is Resveratrol Important to Pino Noir?

A new book explores the importance of resvertrol, heart health and pinot noir wine. It is also argued that red wine is not the only reason for lower cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Opie discussed the research and brings together the positive characteristics of red wine. Pinot noir wine has more resveratrol than other red wines.

Breweries In Montana

Montana is a beautiful state that attracts visitors from around the world each year. People love Montana for it’s amazing nature, climate, and natural resources. Many people enjoy traveling there to get away from the urban environment that a lot of the world has to deal with in their regular lives.

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