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Since 1990, club owners Bruce and Pam Boring have traveled California’s wine country searching for limited-production wines from small, family-owned wineries dedicated to the art of making fine wine. Whether for yourself or a gift, The California Wine Club is an adventure in wine tasting that will not be experienced anywhere else.

Learn to Choose a Good Wine by Knowing These 4 Main Pointers

Once in a while, most people love to chill with a glass of wine to relax themselves. This alcoholic drink is gaining popularity over the years due to its anti-aging properties and not to mention on the other added health related benefits. However, when people are just starting out tasting wine and making it a part of their drinking routine, most people generally end completely clueless when it comes to choosing a good wine.

Make Your Own Beer at Home – Cheap!

It’s very easy to Make Your Own Beer. Anyone can do it with a little time and patience. It will take you about 2 – 4 weeks to Make Your Own Beer. The first thing that you’ll need to do it purchase the basic beer equipment kit. You can purchase this equipment for about $75 – $150 dollars.

Crystal Wine Glasses

This article attempts to explain what constitutes a crystal wine glass. Many people consider crystal to be defined by the percentage of lead in a glass, which is incorrect.

Tasting Wine For Beginners

Of course, every “rule” has an exception, and the first thing you need to know about is that there’s fun in learning good wines. There are two major types of wine, the red and white, of course almost everyone knows this.

Why Wine Matters

There are many reasons to love wine. While contributing to our health and happiness, wine connects us to the past, enhances our meals, and serves as an inspiration for religious, artistic, and scientific activities. Here are just a few of the countless ways in which wine contributes positively to our lives.

All Grain Brewing – Brace Yourself!

The term “all grain brewing” is a reference to the fact that the process does not involve any pre-made component parts of the beer mixture, instead requiring you to turn the grain that you are using into something which will become a beer. Not every ingredient is a grain, of course, especially if you are making a more exotic variation, but it is all in its rawest form.

Brewing Flavored Beer – A Change Once in a While

Everyone who loves beer has their own preferences as to the best brands and the best tastes. Some of the most popular beers in the world are unique-tasting brands which are recognisable to all and have a legion of fans who enjoy them. there are many people who feel however that the readily available brands lack a certain something. The range of different lagers which are popular with millions are considered bland by many, who term them as being almost like water.

Brew Your Own Beer and Save Money

There are few of us who are skilled or lucky enough to have our first batch of home-brewed beer turn out to be just as good as, or better than, the frosty glasses of ale served up at our local tavern. However, with persistence and experimentation, it is possible to brew beer to suit our own tastes.

The Right Recipe Makes the Best Beer

The best way to learn how to do something right is to keep doing it and get the technique down – eventually you will start amending it yourself as you experiment and find out what suits you. Brewing your own beer may sound like too much hassle – but it’s really worth the effort.

Our Visit to Picchetti Winery

As we mentioned in part one of our day trip consisting of two winery’s we ended our tasting at Picchetti winery. I had read various blogs on other sites, that Picchetti was not that great of a wine tasting experience especially if it is a second stop after visiting the Ridge wine tasting room.

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