Gibbs Vineyards: Ongoing Passion Results in the Highest Quality Fruit

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Big reds are carefully handcrafted from meticulously tended estate vineyards at Gibbs.

Corked Wine – What It Means and How to Spot a Bad ‘un

A ‘corked’ bottle is not one with bits of cork floating in it, nor a bottle that was a fighter to open, damaging the closure in the ensuing battle with the corkscrew. A corked or tainted bottle may not even have been the fault of the cork, although statistically, the cork may be in trouble. No, corked wine (or bottle taint, as we call it in the trade) comes down to science, and a nasty little fungal blighter called 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (or TCA, which I find slips off the tongue much more easily).

In With the New

Orchids, calla lilies, and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Gazpacho, ceviche, pea salad, and river-caught salmon have started appearing on restaurant menus. Spring is here, as is the rebirth that comes with the transition of the seasons. Use this year’s spring-cleaning to rev up your wine list!

The Vine Through the Line

Imagine this: You walk into a restaurant and order a wine by the glass-on tap! How the wine-on-tap revolution may just improve your profits.

A Growing Wine Region: Arizona

When people think of Arizona, they don’t typically think of wine. Desert? Yes. Searing heat? Yes. Wine? Not so much.

Wine for Those Lazy Dog Days of Summer

The sun is shining, and the freshness of summer is in the air. Restaurant patios are buzzing with guests seeking refreshments while basking in the sun. Keep them coming back for this season’s hot new wine trends.

Carol Shelton, the Queen of Zin!

You wouldn’t realize you just met the most awarded winemaker in the United States based off of her humble demeanor and casual appearance. At least, not until you taste her wines.

Gewuerztraminer Grape Variety – Hate Or Love It

About 135 Grape varieties are currently permitted for the cultivation in Germany. The German Wine Law specifies which kind of grapes may be used for the production of wine. Among the Grape Varieties are solely 35 Red Wine Grapes, but the ratio of planted red grapes on German vineyards is increasing steadily. In 2011, around 64% of the whole wine stock were white grape varieties compared to 71% ten years ago.

German Wine Region Mosel (Moselle)

The Mosel (Moselle) is the most popular of the 13 German Wine-growing Regions and especially known for its outstanding Riesling and spectacular, steep Vineyards along the Mosel River. The Region produced 8,787 ha Wine in 2011 and is therefore the fifth largest Wine-growing Region in Germany. But when it comes to international prestige, the Mosel Wines definitely take the lead. Around 90% of the Vineyards are dedicated to White Wine Grape Varieties, first of all Riesling.

Bacchus – The Young German White Wine Grape Variety

From the 135 grape varieties, which are currently permitted for the cultivation in Germany, are around 100 white wine grapes. The ratio of planted red grapes on German vineyards is increasing steadily but the country still dedicates about two thirds of the whole wine stock to white grape varieties.

Temperature Zone: Dual Wine Coolers

Quite a few wine refrigerators nowadays have dual temperature zones. The benefit is being able to set two temperatures to accommodate several types of wine, such as red, white, and sparkling.

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