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At Fulcrum Wines, no corners are ever cut. Founder/Winemaker David Rossi is guided his palate and a winemaking vision that he has developed for more than 25 years. A passionate student of wine, he is as inquisitive as he is meticulous. For his On Point Wines, he creates complexity and balance, by treating each of the approximately fifty barrels of wine aged in every vintage as unique, with different combinations of vineyard, clone, yeast, oak, toast level, and free run or press wine. This approach enhances complexity and gives him a rich palette to work with during blending. He takes personal responsibility for every viticultural and winemaking decision, beginning with selecting vineyards, then ushering each wine from grape sorting to bottling, working to perfect each vintage.

Making Wine at a Ferment-On-Premise Facility – A 3-Step Guide to Success

Making wine at a “ferment-on-premise” business can be a daunting experience. This article explains how to choose a location and what you need to do for a successful result.

The Health Benefits of Visiting a Wine Bar

While most people enjoy a beer or two after a long day, and maybe even the occasional mixed drink, the health benefits that go along with alcoholic beverages are few and far between. However, spending time at a wine bar could have a drastically different effect on your health. That is because regularly drinking wine, in moderation of course, has several positive side effects.

Why People Are Switching to Craft Beer

Choosing to drink a craft beer instead of more popular brands is quickly becoming the norm. There are several reasons why people are giving up their old favorites and making the switch.

The Best Way to Pair Wines With Your Food (Part 4)

Once you have learned all the rudiments of taste and pairing wine with your food, then next thing for you to do is start with the process of matching wine and food itself. While there might be generalities to this pairing procedure and oftentimes, you will get suggestions from the wine shop, you already know that these are very broad. These don’t necessarily take into consideration the ingredients being used in cooking your food and the way it was cooked.

Choose Your Best Bars Carefully

The easiest way to have a great time is to go to some of the best bars in your area. You can go at any time and add more excitement to your celebrations.

Order a Craft Beer and Taste the Difference

Try something new when you go out and order a craft beer for a change. You will be amazed and hooked on its taste, appeal and price.

The Best Way to Pair Wines With Your Food (Part 2)

In the first part of this basic guide to wine and food pairing, we talked about keeping an open mind as well as complementing and matching your wine with your food. We also touched briefly on ascertaining the similarities between your wine and your food. Here, we will talk more about the things that affect the taste and suitability of a wine with a certain food. We will also be tackling the better way to taste wine together with your food.

The Best Way to Pair Wines With Your Food (Part 1)

Any kind of dish can be enhanced dramatically with wine. While there aren’t really strict guidelines about how to match food and wine as this should largely depend on what you like personally, there are still norms that are usually followed by food lovers and wine connoisseurs alike.

A Wine Bar Can Make Any Celebration Better

A wine bar is a great place for vino lovers to go. You can also have them at any events you put together as well.

Beer Is One of the Best Drinks You Can Order

It doesn’t matter where you go to eat; don’t forget to order a beer with your meal. This beverage will help improve the flavor of your meal and help you enjoy the evening as well.

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