Frank Family Vineyards: From Movies to Wine the Reviews are Positive

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Frank Family wines have won rave reviews from top critics for many years, and the winery itself has garnered kudos other small wineries can only imagine. It was named “2012 Winery of the Year” by Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine. Learn more about this winery:

5 Tips to Arrange a Successful Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties offer a golden opportunity for the wine aficionados to taste some of the best and rare wine varieties from across the world. Enthusiasts get to taste different varieties of wines – red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and so on, under the same roof. Besides, for such events, some of the best products are brought from some of the most popular vineyards around the world.

Why Is The Guinness Brewery So Popular Among Tourists

Ireland is a beautiful island which attracts tourists from all over the world. One of the major tourist attraction in the country is the world famous Guinness Brewery. This article lists the reasons why the brewery is so popular among tourists visiting the magnificent island.

How-To Store Wine

People store wine for a variety of reasons. Maybe we found a wine we loved on a wine tour, and bought a case. Maybe friends brought too many bottles for a housewarming party. And maybe we invested in some age worthy wines, and they need to be “cellared.” While the last one requires a bit more effort, especially for those of us in cramped NYC living spaces, there are a couple of simple rules anyone can follow, to help preserve their wine.

Cool Craft Ideas for Wine Bottles

Wine lovers can attest to how easy it is to rack up a score of wine bottles. And isn’t it a shame to just throw away many of the beautiful and distinctive shaped bottles you come across? Well before you toss your last bottle into the garbage or glass bin; consider recycling it into a decorative craft idea! With a little extra work they can be made into some great personalized gifts, such as olive oil pourers that make fantastic centerpieces, or made into works of art with glass paints.

More Craft Ideas for Your Wine Bottles

For the crafter in you, turn wine bottles into fun projects,or even profit, with a few more of these great ideas to try. Whither you want to spruce up your home with an elegant and contemporary decor or just want to find a better way to recycle some of the unique wine bottles you find, there’s a lot to get crafty over.

Wine Drinker Tips for Going Green

Going into the New Year it’s important to think about ways to improve on ourselves. There’s no better thing you can do than to try and make steps towards going green with your favorite past times. But how do you make your love of wine a greener affair? Actually, you can start out right now by finding ways to recycle your wine bottles instead of tossing them in the trash! Recycle the bottle at local recycling centers, use them to store your own homemade wines, or even give them a new lease on life with craft ideas.

Hangover Cures

During the holidays it’s easy to drink a little too much and than regret it in the morning. Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid a hangover.

Make Premium Quality Wine in Your Own Home

Winemaking need not be as complicated as it is made out to be. It is very possible to make a great tasting, vineyard standard wine in your own home and be drinking it with friends within the next 3 months. Technically it is possible to be enjoying your own home made premium quality wine in under 2 weeks but to get a really good standard wine the brewing time is extended slightly.

Your Nightclub Must Have the Employees Fully Engaged in Your Operation

We have written about the necessity of obtaining full employee engagement for your venue to become successful. Several operators have written us to say they are doing great and never even considered any of the aspects mentioned to gauge employee engagement. Granted, if you are operating 40,000 square feet of space in Vegas, with an Olympic sized pool, and gambling available you have a unique situation.

2 Critical Factors To Consider When Looking For A Wine Refrigerator

The first thing most people think about when a wine refrigerator is brought up is that they’re expensive luxuries. It’s true, some coolers can be quite expensive, but if you’re someone who appreciates a glass or two of wine, or you might even have your own wine collection, you understand that a wine refrigerator is essential.

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