France vs Uruguay Tannat Wine

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Today we talk Tannat! With some of the highest antioxidant levels of any wine grape, why don’t more people know about it? Full details:

Bar Glass Washer

Let’s face it; running a bar can be quite a difficult and tedious task. First of all, there are all those endless lines of glasses that have to be filled day in and day out. And since you are filling all those glasses and they are subsequently being drunk from, you all know what that means…yup you guessed it: they have to be washed.

Beer Mugs

The beer mug is one of those things that has secured its hallowed place in the whole mythical bar room legacy. Thinking back, it is hard to recall a bar scenario wherein the beer mug did not play a prominent role. Used-and dare we say it-abused in various cinematic and literary portrayals over the years, the ubiquitous “beer mug in a bar” scene is something that has been played out over and over and will likely be for the longest foreseeable future.

Wine on a Budget Without Lowering Standards

Wine on a budget doesn’t have to be dull. When you’re looking for a party wine or a fine dinner wine, consider the following options to keep your tastes high and expenses low.

Margarita Machines For Sale – Should You Buy Or Rent?

For the price of renting once or twice, you can own a Margarita Maker of your own and enjoy frozen drinks whenever you want right at home… There’s nothing like a cool, frosty drink at a summer party, but once your guest list starts to grow, making dozens of frozen drinks in a regular blender and keeping them flowing can be a real hassle.

16 Oz Acrylic Bar Shaker

Shaken not stirred…such is the mantra that was uttered by a certain suave, sophisticated secret agent who has captured the imaginations of millions of people around the world ever since those words were first uttered on the big screen. It is an ideal that so many have since then adopted for themselves and striven to live up to in so many scenes played over and over in bars everywhere.

Hand Painted Wine Stemware For All Occasions

Hand painted wine stemware is a great idea for a beautiful present, whether at Christmas, a birthday or anniversary. It is also a great treat for yourself. Maybe you want to add something special to one of your rooms, or more than one, then these are just the thing. Whatever room you think needs something extra, there will be a perfect one to suit.

Information on Various Wine Coolers

Sometimes when we get home, we just want to relax and have a cool bottle of win. However, some of us know how large the bottles are and we don’t all have large fridge freezers. As such, we’re required to leave the wine bottles in a cupboard for later use. But this has its own negative as it will no longer be cool. To cover all the bases, you can purchase wine coolers; devices designed purely to cool your wine for any occasion, whether it’s to relax or have guests over.

An Excuse to Buy White Wine

Fish and white wine go together like Labradors and water, or Lindsay Lohan and rehab. But the wine and sea combination also has another happy association in that watersports are a great hang over cure. That’s why we’ve hit up their favourite Sydney surfer for his picks and places for the all important hang over cure and those perfect places to find inspiration for scarpering down a favourite fish dish and a jolly good excuse to buy white wine!

Choosing Wine Coolers For Your Home

Whether we want to have a quiet meal with our partners, a dinner party or simply have a few friends over, it’s nice to have a little wine to make the occasion go over smoothly. What would make it even better would be if the wine was chilled and its taste preserved. Refrigerators do chill, though at the expense of space and they often cannot hold more than a couple of bottles. They also vibrate due to the compressor, which shakes up the sediment in the wine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dedicated wine coolers that can hold half a dozen bottles or more?

Margaret River, a Great Place to Buy Australian Wine

Australia has a very beautiful beachside wine growing area in our Mediterranean styled Margaret River in Western Australia. Home to both red wine and white wine, the Margaret River wine region spreads from Dunsborough to Augusta and features countless vineyards and cellar doors. One of the best treats however is the annual Margaret River Wine Region Festival, held every year in April. The Buy Wine Online team has placed a red circle in the 2011 calendar for this one, and we’d like to share a couple of reasons why you should too!

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