France vs California Chardonnay? Comparing Napa vs Burgundy Wine

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Juelien taste 2 Chardonnay wines to find out what are the key differences between a French Chablis and an oaky California Chardonnay (Rombauer Vineyards).

Check out my blind tasting of Bordeaux vs Chinati vs Rioja:


Top 3 Myths About Making Wine at Home

Making wine at home can be a fun and rewarding hobby. However, many people mistakenly think that home winemaking involves difficult, back-breaking work for very little reward. Not true!

Making Wine at Home in 4 Easy Steps

There’s nothing like relaxing with friends over a good glass of wine. But when they exclaim, “This wine is delicious! What kind is it?” – you know you’ve hit on a hobby that brings you lasting satisfaction.

Beginner’s Winemaking – The Tools of the Trade For Making Wine

So you want to make your own wine but aren’t sure where to start? This quick guide to the tools and ingredients you’ll need for beginner winemaking is perfect for helping you get started with one of mankind’s most delightful hobbies for over 3,000 years.

Love the Dry, Sweet Taste of Semillon

The wineries of Australia have led the world in the use of Semillon grapes affected by botrytis. When this develops on the grapes, it causes them to shrivel somewhat because it decreases the amount of water in the grape. By the time the grapes are ripe and ready to harvest, the juice is very sweet.

Roussanne Wine – Rich, Full-bodied and Floral

During the process of making the Roussanne grapes into wine, oxidation can become a problem, affecting the quality of the resulting wine. The wine is also better when it is fermented barrels and aged in oak. The wine does have an intense aroma, very similar to that of herbal tea. Although it is fruity, it is not as fruity as other white wines.

The Corkscrew Gift Set – What a Good Corkscrew Gift Set Should Include

Thinking of buying a corkscrew gift set for someone? Be sure you know which wine accessories are must have items in a good quality set before you buy.

Power Entertaining Made Easy

I work with organizations that want to offer their clients something a little extra special. Here are some of the highlights from a client appreciation event hosted by Australian National Bank where I was the featured during-dinner entertainer.

Glass Act – Five Secrets to Choosing Better Wine Every Time – Geeks Need Not Apply

It’s every wine lover’s secret dream to tell a story that begins… “They laughed when I grabbed the wine list to order…but once we began to sip…wow!” Here are five proven secrets to enjoying better wine for less. It’s like getting at your inner wine geek without ever lifting a finger…except maybe to taste the happy results of your impressive “glass act.”

The UnCork York Wine Trail – Part 1

Pennsylvania is not generally renowned for its wines. This is too bad because the State is home to almost 100 wineries that offer a great variety of delicious wines. A dozen of these wineries are part of the UnCork York wine trail. This trail winds through the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania from Harrisburg and Hershey in the north to Glen Rock and Stewartstown in the south. As you travel along the trail, you’ll pass some of Pennsylvania’s abundant rolling farm land and get some spectacular views of the beautiful Susquehanna River.

Dom Perignon – “Drinking the Stars”

In 1668, the Dom transferred from another abbey to the Abbey of Hautvilliers near the town of Epernay, where he served as cellar master until his death in 1715. The winters were early and cold at his Hautvillers abbey, and wine that had been bottled and cooled by the weather before its fermentable sugars had converted to alcohol would often restart fermentation in the spring, becoming a bubbly time bomb. The carbonation would pop the corks or, worse, cause a chain reaction of exploding bottles.

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