Four Brix Winery 2012 Paso Robles Scosso described by the Winemaker

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Karen and Gary Stewart of Four Brix Winery describe their flagship red wine. Scosso is a bold red blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It has notes of blackberry, a hint of grilled anise and some spice on the finish. It pairs beautifully with the Four Brix recipe for Osso Buco. We are featuring this wine as a Premier Series Special Edition. Learn more about Four Brix Winery in Ventura:

Home Wine Making Tips For The Overwhelmed Beginners!

Beginner home wine makers are often overwhelmed by the art of wine making. The endless details involved in the selection of brewing jar, ingredients, fermentation procedure, various complex chemical additives and such. Making your own wine at home need not be a complicated affair as long as you put things in proper perspective and stick to the fundamental basics theory. Once you understand all this, you will be able to design you own recipes and turn any fruit juice in wine!

Bottle Printing Important in Wine Branding

Bottle printing adds to the character of the wine and is an integral process in establishing a brand. With sundry labels competing in retail shelves, special shops can help brands stand out by combining traditional and state-of-the-art glass etching techniques.

A Guide in Wine Bottle Printing

While bottle printing, also known as wine printing, sounds like something only professionals can accomplish, almost anyone could do this too if given the right materials and inspiration. With the materials for the process available on the market, there’s no more excuse why you shouldn’t do this yourself. The following are steps on how to start the bottle printing process so you can start displaying these or giving them as presents.

Some Advice for Best Wine Aging

There is nothing like a good wine cellar to store your favorite wines, provided the right conditions are present. Indeed, wine needs to be kept in specific conditions of temperature, light and humidity. The right temperature conditions The cellar should be relatively fresh, ideally at a temperature of 54F, but it is also possible to use a cellar between 50 and 58F.

Home Wine Making Equipment – Guide For Beginner

Learn about the various usage of wine making equipment in home wine making. What’s the function and purpose of these equipments? Are they really necessary?

Italian Varietals Abound in Temecula Wine Country – Part II

Today’s article is about a misunderstood grape varietal, again from Italy. Montepulciano is often confused with Sangiovese. There is a town in Italy with the same name, Montepulciano, that is famous for a wine called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Well, the wine name translates to the “Nobel Wine of Montepulciano”.

The Advantages Of A Wine Cooler

Are you one of the many people new to the exciting world of wines? Find out why investing in a wine cooler will insure the quality of your wine.

How Wine Became Modern

Global wine culture is the dripping, whirling, pulsating heart of the sensorial exhibit “How Wine Became Modern” at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It has attracted a chic following of wine appreciators from around the world. The exhibit is the first of its kind, assembling diverse media and art forms – graphic and industrial design, architecture, performing arts, visual arts and film – in a mind-altering celebration of the overlap between art, culture and wine. Each display illustrates how winegrowing, winemaking and wine-sipping have served as inspiration for artistic creations across cultures and countries.

Top Champagne Producers

Champagne is the ultimate synonym for a moment of festivity in a noble and intellectual manner. Not too many individuals can appreciate good Champagne but if you’d like to evaluate Champagne like those few people then continue reading this article. And if you inquire what the best Champagne Brands in the world are, you’ll wonder no more because we’ve collected info about the best of the best for you right here.

How To Make Homemade Wine That Is Inexpensive But Tastes So Good

Have you ever wanted to know how to make homemade wine? There are different kinds of wines in the market. What I am going to teach you is how to make hobo wine – a cheap type of wine that is made of common ingredients. I like to note though that the taste of this wine will not satisfy the taste of connoisseurs. It is cheap but equally enjoyable and the best part is that it can be done at home.

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