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Madeline takes us through the 6 popular types of white wine and gives us tips on how to find each style and what foods pair well with them. Learn wine at Wine Folly →

From Pinot Grigio to Gewürztraminer, and even orange wines, there is something for everyone in the diverse world of white wine.

1. Pinot Grigio – Also known as Pinot Gris, it’s the prototypical crisp dry white wine, but there’s more to this grape than meets the eye.
2. Sauvignon Blanc – Famed for its green aromatics of cut grass, gooseberry and even bell pepper, you’ll find Sauvignon Blanc pairs excellently with southeast Asian cuisine.
3. Riesling – A great choice to match with Indian cuisine and Spicy Thai, Riesling exudes rich peach and apricot aromatics and ranges from bone dry to very sweet.
4. Gewürztraminer – The most floral popular white wine with aromas of roses and potpourri. Surprisingly, many of these wines are bone dry!
5. Chardonnay – The fullest body of the white wines, not because of the grape but because of the winemaking method. Aging in oak adds richness to these wines.
6. Orange wine – a newly popular but ancient white winemaking method that allows white grapes to ferment like red wines. These wines have rich color and flavor from the skins.

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