Fast Food Wine – Tasting and rating wine ‘on the go’.

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In this video I take a look at wine to be enjoyed ‘on the go’.

The wines are available and ready to be consumed at point of purchase and come either with a ready to drink cup or already in a plastic cup.

The wines are a sparkling Pinot Grigio called ‘Petit Voyage’ and a GSM blend called ‘Froglet’

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Wines – Wine and Food

Good food and good wine go hand in hand. The choice of wine is largely going to be down to personal preferences and taste. But there are a few guidelines which may be wise to follow, as some wines are better suited than others to certain types of food.

TABC Certification – How to Learn to Serve With Grace

Obtaining TABC certification is easier than ever before with the online courses now available. In the olden days, one had to actually take the time out of their busy schedule to head to a government sanctioned office and sit through seminars and other courses in person.

Alcohol Training – Learning Safety Techniques

Receiving alcohol training is an important and mandatory part of the training techniques to help prep those workers in the service industry. Each state has different requirements, but all are necessary to help avoid any problems with the service of alcohol.

NCPLH Course – Benefits of Training

There is a certain element of sensitivity training that is involved as part of the NCPLH course, which will teach you how to best effectively deal with customers who may have had a pint or two too many. The binge drinking culture has taken hold in recent years with younger drinkers, in particular.

The Gift Du Jour

Everyone can benefit from changing your thinking about what gift to buy for that special person. So, let us all get off the old gift-giving quandry and present our favorite people with the “Gift Du jour” that fits in with the ever-increasing interest in wine.

The Origin of Champagne

Originally Champagne was a still wine (a “faintly reddish” vin gris); any incidental fizziness would have been considered a fault back then, as it would be in, say, a cru classé claret today. To find the first sparkling wine, we must ignore accidents and faults, and look for the earliest deliberate rendering of a wine in the sparkling format: the precursor to the evolutionary process we know as the traditional method.

A Good Wine Cellar Will Protect Your Wine Investment!

Since wine requires constant temperature, darkness, humidity and well-ventilated clean areas, your wine cellar should provide all these factors. With a small wine cellar where you store only a few bottles, it may be hard to control all these conditions.

Wine Racks in the Wine Cellar Are a Space Saver!

The best place to search for wine racks is on the Internet. There are many websites that will have the many different styles, shapes and price ranges. You can get considerable more space from your wine storage cellar with the proper use of wine racks.

Buying the Right Glass

There are many new types of glasses available in the market for different types of alcohol. We explore some of the options available.

How to Taste Wine

If you are a novice to wine, that means that you just buy a it once in a while and you want to step up your game to learning how to really taste it then you will want to stick around and read the rest of this article. Learning how to really taste wine will unlock its characteristics that you probably never experienced. You will learn to unlock its true character and gain the full flavor that will knock you off of your seat.

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