Exploring Downtown Sonoma Square

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Join me as we explore the famous downtown Sonoma square.

To Decant or Not to Decant?

Wine experts are divided as to whether wine should be decanted or not. If you are a newcomer to wine, who do you listen to?

Wine Improves with Age: Fact or Fiction?

There has always been a belief that old wine is better than new wine. But the fact is that only a very small proportion of wines benefit from being aged. How do you choose the right ones?

Retsina – a Wine to Enjoy?

If you drink retsina in England or America, you probably won’t enjoy it. To appreciate it you need to be in the right environment.

Cooking with Wine: How Bad Can the Wine Be?

The most commonly heard advice is: Never cook with wine you wouldn’t drink yourself. But using a wine for cooking can often be better than pouring it away

Is Wine Really Good for you?

Both the French and Americans eat huge amounts of saturated fat, smoke heavily, and exercise very little. Yet the French incidence of heart disease is one-third that of the Americans. Could wine be the cause?

Wine In A Gift Basket

How to pick the right wine when sending a gift basket. Gift giving is one of the essentials of the holiday seasons. This act shows thoughtfulness, love and a warm heart from the giver.

A Wine Barrel – A Little Background As To Why Use Them

Wine barrels, for the aging of wine, is a very, very old tradition. After fermentation the wine is put into oak barrels for the aging process to happen. Using oak for these barrels allows for the wine to take on characteristics from the timber.

A Custom Wine Gift Basket Makes the Perfect Impression

Giving a custom wine gift basket to a special friend or business associate will let them know you care. Find wine gift ideas and helpful tips for creating a custom wine gift basket that will be remembered!

A Metal Wine Rack Brings Style To Your Home

It’s part of human nature to desire to fix up our spaces; to inject our own brand of style into our home’s decor. One of the most creative ways to achieve style in the home is to combine functionality with visual appeal. Something that works well and increases your efficiency – and manages to look great at the same time – can transform a room and give you, the consumer, more bang for your buck. For those who enjoy wine, and subsequently have a few bottles around the house, wine storage can become something of a space dilemma. So a wine rack that displays bottles beautifully and offers a compact, minimally invasive space in which to do it, can be one of those great pieces with dual functionality.

Wine Lovers Across the Land

The US is a hot market for wine consumption and it is growing each year as more Americans find themselves buying bottles at the local grocer, wine and liquor stores. What once was a market, saturated with overly sweet wine coolers and large jug wines (remember the White Zinfandel craze of the 80’s?) has changed to favor boutique wines from all over the country. But they don’t have to be expensive to be good, you can find a lot of great wines that are affordable.

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