Exploring Downtown Napa California

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Take a brief look at only a fraction of the wonderful city of Napa. A city full of great restaurants, beautiful victorian homes, river views, wine bars, and public markets.

Fighting Stress Without Using Alcohol

Many of us have problems with stress and this can sometimes lead to the misuse of alcohol.

All About Champagne

Every big event from weddings to podium celebrations is incomplete without the “popping” of a Champagne. But, there is much more to this bubbly drink. In fact, you should never “pop” open a Champagne! Learn this and more in this article.

What Makes a Great Pint of Real Ale?

Finding a good pint of real ale is not always easy. Here are a few pointers to make life a little bit easier in finding a satisfying pint.

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine

When a rare opportunity opens up to you, grab it-even if it means remembering it was never the best of ideas to begin with.

Wine Making – A Hobby That Can Become More!

Wine making can be one of the most enthralling and interesting hobbies you can take up.Your equipment need not be expensive Label making kits for your home wine making can give your wine presentation flair.

Spirit Wines Guidelines

The alcoholic drinks are generally said to be very bad for one’s health. The truth of the matter is that there are some types of booze, which may even improve it. Let us look at wine for instance. It may very well make the blood less likely to clot, due to its anticoagulation effect.

The History of Scotch Whiskey or Whisky?

To the dismay of Scotch and other whiskey drinkers, whiskey was first taxed in 1644. This caused a rise in the number of what we would today call “bootleggers” who made and sold Scotch whiskey illegally. Later in 1823, the Scottish Parliament made it easier for one to own a licensed distillery and harder for illegal whiskey stills to stay in business. This began the modern production of Scotch whiskey.

Fighting Stress Without Using Alcohol: Part Two

Since a mixture of too much stress and the overuse of alcohol can cause physical and emotional problems we need to find other ways to deal with a life filled with stress.

Lafondue-Taking A Dip In Food To An All New Level

Getting a gift certificate to a new fondue restaurant seemed to be risky, at first, for a couple who had food allergies, but thanks to a wonderful wait staff and a creative menu, it turned out to be a wonderfully romantic evening.

Proper Vacuum Wine Storage For Left Over Wine

If you drink wine you may recognize this issue. You drink half a bottle after entertaining guests or family. After the guests leave or you are done with dinner you re-cork the bottle of wine. Four days later when you go back to drink the left over wine you find that the delicate aromas and flavors are gone and that the wine is about half as good as it was on the first day. Vacuum Wine Storage may be an easy simple solution to your problem.

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