Exploring Calistoga California

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A short video clip of Downtown Calistoga in northern Napa Valley.

Today’s Wine Store Sells More Than Just Wine

The wine store of today sells more than simply bottles of wine. Services and accessories are part of the common offerings as well. Consumers who love wine are looking for a place where they can buy a full entertainment package including glassware, openers, and decorative accessories. Of course a vast selection of the finest wines is a given.

Learning More About Wine Making Grapes

In Europe, wine was once named after the region where it was produced. Now most wines are named after the type of winemaking grape used to make the wine.

The Wonderful Wines of Provence

Check out the wonderful, fragrant wines of Provence – including Chateauneuf- du-Pape and Cotes-de-Rhone and some others you may not have heard of.

Better Tequila for a Better Environment

According to myth, the Aztec goddess Mayahuel was inspired to create tequila after watching a mouse become intoxicated after consuming agave. By crafting the spirit, Mayahuel became known as the goddess of agave. However, this bit of tequila trivia ignores Mayahuel’s most prominent role in Aztec mythology; Mayahuel was also known as the goddess of fertility. Unfortunately, ignoring the relationship between agave and fertility seems to be an ongoing problem in the tequila industry.

Absinthe – What Is It And Can I Legally Buy It?

Absinthe is a very unique beverage that absolutely everyone should try. In this article I will discuss the origins of absinthe, how it got its reputation, and whether or not you can legally purchase it.

The History of Toasting

Information on and theories on how the toast began

Types of German Beers

When in Germany know what kind of beer to order and the differences between them.

Boris Yeltsin and the Deadly Vodka Crisis

The article summarizes how Russian government decisions to deregulate the vodka industry during the country’s transition from communism have had catastrophic effects. 42,000 Russians die every year from consuming bootleg vodkas. The results of vodka reforms have caused recent declarations of a state of emergency in Russia. http://explorethepour.blogspot.com

Buying Commercial Wine Racks- Important Steps to Follow

Carefully chosen commercial wine rack can significantly influence your sales. Following three easy steps will help you pick out the right wine storage rack for your store.

The Founding Beer Brewers

Many of our founding fathers were brewers. George Washington was a devout beer lover. In particular, he was fond of the dark, English-style brew known as porter, and always demanded that an ample supply of it be kept on hand at Mount Vernon, his Virginia estate. One of Washington’s first acts as commander of the Continental Army was to provide a daily ration of one quart of beer to each of his soldiers. Even when funding for the war got tight, Washington fought to keep this ration for his troops, believing that it helped morale.

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