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Compare two Cabernet-based red wines from the top wine regions known for this grape: Bordeaux vs Napa. Subscribe to Wine Folly here: https://winefolly.com/subscribe

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Learn more about how to find great Cabernet wines by reading in-between the lines. Learn what to look for when assessing Cabernet Sauvignon with wine writer, Madeline Puckette.

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Légende Pauillac Bordeaux 2015 (~$56)
70% Cabernet Sauvignon with 30% Merlot from the prestigious Pauillac appellation in Bordeaux

Alpha Omega “Proprietary Red Wine” 2013 (~$100)
61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, and 32% Merlot

Benefits Associated With Home Wine Coolers

There are many benefits associated with home wine coolers. If you are an avid wine collector and/or enjoy the taste associated with wine, it is important that you consider the positive impact that the wine coolers available today have to offer. Today, the interest in wine varieties has grown tremendously on an international level.

Guide to Buying a Wine Cooler Fridge

If you enjoy wine and you’re looking for a way to store them, then a wine cooler fridge is your solution. Not everyone has the budget or space to set up their own cellar. That’s why wine refrigerators are perfect – they can preserve the quality of your wine, keep it cool, and is perfect to store a small collection.

Taking Care Of Your Wine Glasses

If you’re a wine drinker, you surely can appreciate wine glasses of all shapes and sizes. Aside from being great decors for your kitchen or dining room, wine glasses are also going to matter a lot if you are a true lover of wine. You know that appreciating this drink can be rather delicate. There are certain tastes or tangs or flavors that a wine lover will always look for, whether he’s drinking red wine, Chardonnay or any other famous name. Because of this, it is important that the containers for these wines must be kept in good shape and must be free of anything that could get in the way of the drinker’s enjoyment.

Dessert Wine Glasses – And What You Must Know

When some people hear the phrase dessert wine glasses they think that it’s some sort of dessert that’s in a wine glass. This is frankly both completely understandable and also completely wrong. A dessert wine glass is a very specific type of item and it’s meant for sweet cocktails or spirits.

Something Bubbly for the New Year

A look at some alternatives to expensive Champagne for the New Year. Prosecco and Cava can make an excellent substitute for Champagne. Smaller Champagne Houses can produce amazing value for money wines.

Reasons To Have A Wine Chiller In Your Home

Wine chillers can be electric and non-electric. These chillers are designed to help maintain the temperatures of a perfectly chilled wine bottle. Despite the difference both wine chillers are affordable and convenient, so it is pretty easy to select the one which best suit your needs.

Being Sure About Your Beer Cooler

Nothing beats the idea of having a great conversation with friends and families while having your favourite drinks cold and chilled. Sharing an endless memory would always be great when you have something to drink while going on with whatever you are having fun with. But of course, you wouldn’t experience such a great feeling as this if you do not have your own beer cooler.

Metal Wine Rack to Store Your Wine

Wine connoisseurs know the satisfaction of displaying the different types of wines to the guest with flair of creativity in a wine rack. Though the traditional wooden designs of wine racks are still dominating the market the different types of metal wine racks are also emerging with exquisite finishing and equally catching the market trend.

Getting To Know Your Beer Cooler

To have a cool drink while taking a great conversation with a friend brings you a great type of feeling. As you keep talking to your friend about things, you know that you will never run out about having a great time because you got your drinks all ready for back up. If you want to keep your drinks cold and ready to serve, you should have one of the best things in the world today; the beer cooler.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Beer Cooler

Do you love to feel those cool drinks flowing down your throat? Do you like the idea of them being prepared all the time when you need them? Keeping your beers and drinks cools is never possible without having your own beer cooler at home or anywhere you go.

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