Expert Tips on Choosing White Wines

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Explore some expert tips on choosing dry white wines for quality and texture. In this video compare how variety and winemaking affects white wines with varieties like Chenin Blanc, Verdicchio, and Vermentino.

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See more details on these white wines:

Cheap Wine Glasses That Are Not Cheap at All

That title was not meant to confuse you although admittedly, it might be a bit confusing. Think about it – cheap wine glasses that are not cheap at all – what does that mean anyway? Well, that can be explained easily enough if you continue to read on. The thing is that most people who drink wine casually or aren’t too serious about it opt to buy the cheapest wine glasses they can get when they think of buying wine glasses.

Tips For Serving Wine With Food

Learn why wine goes great with food. Learn what wine goes with what food.

Napa Valley Wine Region

The Napa Valley has gained mythic proportions for wine production in the US, but it is surprising to note that Napa only produces about 5% of the wine made in California – the valley is only 5 kilometres (3 miles) wide and 48 kilometres (30 miles) long.  Like Sonoma on its immediate west side, Napa’s southern end is exposed to the cooling influences of San Francisco Bay.  Temperatures increase as you head north and are generally warmer than neighbouring Sonoma because of the additional shelter provided by the Mayacamas Mountains on Napa’s western side.

Why You Should Buy a Margarita Maker

A margarita maker is now a must in your kitchen. Read why you should get one for yourself now!

Alcohol: Why Do I Drink So Much at Parties?

Why do I need to get drunk at parties? Why is drinking socially so necessary? Here we look at the reasons why we drink ourselves silly and open the door to an alternate way of partying hard that’s easier on the pocket and the body.

Port Wine Glasses for You

You might be an avid wine drinker, and if you are you will already know that there are different types of wine glasses for every kind of wine. Each glass was made to serve a different purpose for the wine and the drinker. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices available but try not to anyway.

Cans and Bottles and Contention, Oh My!

There is a considerable amount of contention out there in the beer world today. While there are controversies over label design and the never-ending battle of “my beer is better than yours,” there’s a fight brewing over something else – that of cans versus bottles. Which is better?

Craft Beer Gets Exotic – The Strangest Ingredients

When you think of craft beer, what basic ingredients do you think of? If you’re like most folks, you probably think of hops, barley (or wheat), malt, yeast and cold, clear, clean water. If you’ve been enjoying craft beer for some time, then you might think of a few more – lemon, orange, strawberry and other fruit flavors are used to a considerable degree.

Brief Information About The Different Types of Wines

Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed by a vast majority of people over the world. Wines are mostly prepared by the fermentation of grapes but many different fruits are added to it improve its flavor. Berries of different types are usually used in the making of wines. A person who is quite knowledgeable about wines is called a Connoisseur. There are many things that change the subtle flavor of each wine. The taste of each wine is different because of the various ingredients that are used. The proportions of the ingredients added changes the taste drastically. Even the taste of the grapes changes from region to region, where they are grown.

Wine 101 – Types of Corkscrews/ Wine Openers

Confused about all the different types of wine openers/ corkscrews? This articles explains the top 5 most common types of corkscrews and their advantages/ disadvantages.

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