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Today we’re talking Riesling! Riesling often gets a bad reputation by aspiring wine geeks because they associate Riesling with sweet wine…but Riesling can be sweet OR dry in style! This is what makes Riesling particularly amazing with food. Check out the video for everything you need to know about Riesling and make sure to check out the other wine styles in the Wine 101 series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBD9SYHk4qY&list=PLOY1A1-XHJTwR-CBcGSeneFUgHvyuHMfL

Proper Wine Etiquette For Being Served, Serving And Tasting

When the bottle of wine is presented, it is proper wine etiquette to examine the label to be sure it is what you requested. Check the producer and vintage. The restaurant might be out of a particular vintage and substitute a different year.

Our Best Wine Corkscrews Come With A Rich History

Corkscrews are great gift ideas for people who love wine. Wine bottles were not the first bottles to be corked. The search for wine bottle corkscrews takes us through the history of cork removers.

Know What A Good Bottle Of Wine Is, And Who Said So?

Experienced tasters apply different criteria to judging a good bottle of wine than novices, based on the state wine should be in at that particular time. Novices judge the taste at that moment.

Organic Wine Farming Truths – What It Is And What It Isn’t

In an increasingly competitive wine market, are organic farmers creating buzz to sell organic wines? No other issue in wine provokes more opinion and controversy than organic farming.

Wild Yeast In Winemaking – The Story Behind The Story

Some of California’s top winemakers use wild yeast and others do not. Wild yeast is not the secret indispensable answer to making great wine. It is one of the ways to develop complexity in wines.

Story Behind Winemaking Fining And Fining Agents

No wine fining agent is 100% specific in what it does. As well as fining out phenolics, wine fining agents typically take out some aroma and flavor. Whichever wine fining agent is selected, winemakers will use as little as necessary to produce the quality of red or white wine that is required.

The Rich History Of Italian Wine

Italy is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, and the rich history has roots that are even older. Italy is the largest producer of wine with more vineyards than any other including France.

Riesling Wine History

Riesling is a white grape variety grown historically in Germany. The Riesling wine vine history traces back to the year 1435 cloaked in theory as to the name Riesling.

Making Wine At Home Can Be A Fun and Rewarding Experience

A very brief informational article about making wine at home. Everything from grape collecting to bottling is mentioned here. Some good information for those thing about making wine at home.

2005 Bordeaux Chateau La Pierre Levee’ – Wine Review

Bottom line – I would buy this $15.99 bottle of Bordeaux again. Find it if you can.

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