Drinking Wine and Staying Fit – Tips for Success

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People ask me all the time about how I continue at 38 years old to drink lots of wine, eat rich foods, and enjoy my lifestyle whilst staying physically fit and toned. In this video I give a few of my personal tips for “drinking wine and staying fit”.

Your Wine Deserve Wine Storage Furniture

For those who love and collect wine, wine storage furniture offers the perfect vehicle to display their collections. And no one would want to show off their prize bottles in an unappealing manner, any more than they would wand to frame a prize painting in a faux wood frame.

Guide To Buying Wine Gift Baskets

Are you looking for a gift that is a little bit different? Then why not look at some wine gift baskets?

How to Make the Perfect Long Island Iced Tea

While it is one of the most commonly requested drink recipes, the ingredients of the Long Island Iced Tea cause it to remain one of the more difficult to accurately prepare. The high liquor-to-mixer ratio of this drink along with its high sugar-content makes its required balance quite delicate.

Food and Wine Magazine is a Great Resource

If it’s fine wines and great food that you live for, then it’s all about Food and Wine Magazine. This magazine has dedicated itself to the individual who cannot eat his food without the taste of a good wine.

Wine Making Tradition and Technology

Change is afoot in the wine-making industry. Traditional wine-makers in Europe are horrified by the transformation by science and technology of the ancient art of making wine. The high quality of wines produced by regions that have been more enthusiastic about improvements in science and technology, however, suggests that these changes are a good thing.

Wine Storage Racks Yesterday And Today

Wine is becoming the mealtime beverage of choice in many American homes, just as it has been in European homes for centuries. But as more American households become home to more and more bottles of wine, the issue of where to keep the lovely elixir until it is time to imbibe can be a problem.

Starting A Port Barrel

A port barrel is a welcome site in almost any home bar, because it allows the owner to mix and blend ingredients to produce a unique port to his or her taste. Trial and error and some research will get one going well and the good news is that it is quite difficult to ruin a barrel, if simple steps are followed.

How You Can Increase Your Bartending Income Now!

Are you not satisfied with the income you are making from bartending? Then this article is for you. It will open your eyes to a lot of possibilities on doing this.

How To Work The Crowds And Get Those Tips Rolling In While Bartending

Is it your desire to roll in so much tips as a bartender? If you happen to notice that the tips you are making have reduced, then there maybe the need for you to change tactics. There may be some things you are definitely doing wrong. You will learned a great deal going through this article.

Bartending Might Be More Difficult Than One Might Think

This is just to prepare the minds of those that want to take up a job as a bartender with the mind that it is an easy job. Well it isn’t and this article is preparing your mind for the task ahead. The truth is that with all the stresses, you can have a swell time as a bartender.

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