Dracaena Wine shares their award-wining 2017 Cabernet Franc

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Dracaena Founders Lori and Michael Budd love Cabernet Franc, and even founded the internationally recognized holiday Cab Franc Day (December 4).

The Top Benefits of Buying Wine Online

Buying wine should be fun, like shopping for a new outfit for that special occasion. Unfortunately, even something fun can sometimes become frustrating. As great as your corner liquor store is, shopping for wine online provides advantages that roaming the brick and mortar store just can’t match. The following are some of the benefits of buying wine online.

Seeking Out Craft Beer Makes Sense

Finding the best craft beer can be fun and enjoyable. Use some of these ideas to help you to find the best options available to you.

Hosting a Tasting at Your Wine Bar

Hosting a tasting at a wine bar provides an opportunity to allow your regular customers to sample a selection of different types of wine. It also introduces new labels to prospective customers whom you can establish new relationships with. Here we offer some help for you in planning this event.

Basic Differences Between Syrah and Shiraz

All wine enthusiasts know that Syrah and Shiraz belong to the same grape wine variety. But since the two are produced from different wine regions, each of them carries distinctive characteristics unique to their origin. The climate, type of soil and manner of production contribute to the natural properties of the resulting wine. They provide the main reasons why Syrah and Shiraz don’t have a lot of things in common.

A Guide To Discount Wine

People like to carry their favorite wine bottles or just a nice bottle of wine when going out for a party. One problem with that is that many people may not like to spend $100 or even more for a bottle of wine. However, finding a nice but affordable bottle of wine is not so difficult. There is a wide selection of discount wine to accommodate the tastes of different wine drinkers. Here is a guide on purchasing discount wine.

7 Alternative Uses of Wine

Wines are primarily intended for drinking. But they have other productive uses if you know them. In this article, we will be talking about wine and how to use it besides drinking. Please read on. You’ll surely be amazed at how wine can help you out in a lot of situations.

The White Wine in Your Wine and Cheese Party

The success of your wine and cheese parties depends on a lot of things. With generally limited food serving, the quality of your pairing is important to ensure that guests are truly savoring the flavorful affair.

Something Special About Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Chardonnay Pinot Noir is a sparkling wine that results from the blending together of two grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This blend originated in France, but because of its success in the market, it is produced in other countries around the world.

Tips on Hiring an Experienced Professional Bartender for a Wedding or Other Event

Planning to be married in the very near future?… Well congratulations on your engagement! We know how amazing the wedding preparation process can be, so if you are searching for a quick guide to hiring a professional bartender for your wedding, then you have just found the right one.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women to Consume Wine?

The quantity of wine when it can have a negative effect on the baby is what people are confused about. What experts say is that there is no specific amount of wine that can be considered safe on the body. Pregnant women usually ignore the warning on their first trimester however it is not sure that this practice is also safe. Truth be told, there is not safe stages in pregnancy where you can drink wine.

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