Downtown Guayaquil Ecuador – Centro de Guayaquil

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This video was taken from an amazing view point on top of El Cerro del Carmen where the famous Christ Statue is located. There is a lookout point where you have the most beautiful panoramic view of the city of Guayaquil.

6 Benefits to Making Your Own Wine

Article on how to make perfect wines from your own kitchen

The Perfect Wines To Pair With Thanksgiving Dinner

Pairing wine with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner calls for a very special red. There is no set rule here, just whatever makes you happy. That being said, I tend to enjoy Pinot Noir with my turkey.

Spring Mountain Vineyard

Napa Valley is notorious for producing robust Cabernet Sauvignon and the region is coming off a string of noteworthy vintages including the 2002 vintage.

Brunello Fans Meet Your New Spanish Favorite

A classic wine brick in color, almost brown from aging. This Tempranillo blend is Spain’s equivalent of a Brunello revealing subtle earth and dark fruit in a marvelous old world style. Hints of smoke and spice enhance this graceful Reserva which hits the palate with an unexpected intensity that can stand up to any meat yet graceful enough to drink with fish.

Residential Wine Cellars

Many wine enthusiasts, who are willing to maintain a large collection of wines and are interested in the adequate storing and preservation of wines, build their own wine cellars in their homes. This helps them keep their interest alive and also share it with others. A residential wine cellar can be either a very simple affair, involving just a rack for displaying the wine bottles, or it can also be an elaborate affair with an entire room dedicated to storing and displaying wines, fully equipped with a temperature maintaining device and other elaborate wine accessories. Depending on one’s level of interest, budget, space available as well as one’s need, the residential wine cellars vary.

Wine Cellar Accessories

There are many different types of wine cellar accessories which enhance one’s wine cellar. Some of the popular wine cellar accessories are wine chillers, wine coolers, decorative metal racking, kneeling butlers, corkscrews, bottle openers, decorative bottle corkers, wine tags, wine therma fridge and wine markers.

The Benefits Of A Modular Wine Rack

As the popularity of wine continues to rise, more and more people have made it a point to become educated wine enthusiasts; trying different wines with different meals and keeping those bottles they find the most enjoyable on hand. The storage of wine can be a space challenge, but it can also poise a design challenge. So, for savvy wine connoisseurs, combining form and function is the key to successfully displaying their wine. For them, using a wine rack is the most space efficient, visually appealing, and cost-effective method of display.

The Basics of Sake

Throughout history, there has been a legacy of delicious duos. Soup met crackers, peanut butter courted jelly, and ham was introduced to eggs. Recently, a new duo has joined the ranks of great culinary creations: sushi and sake. Move over wine and cheese, you’ve got competition.

Winemaking History of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara had the good fortune of being the site of one of the numerous California Missions built by the Franciscan Brothers in the late 18th century. The good brothers needed altar wine and a source of reliable drink. Wells and stored water had a habit of becoming contaminated.

Bar Tool Time

No matter what task is before an individual, you must have the proper tools to accomplish the job. If you want to tend bar, whether in the home or professionally, to make quality drinks which everyone will enjoy, you will need your box of bar tools, which will allow you to turn out delicious concoctions. Having the correct tools will ease the job of making good drinks. Let’s take a look at the most essential tools.

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