Does a Screw Work? Open Wine without Corkscrew

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Is this wine hack process as easy as shown in many videos across YouTube?
In this Episode #14 of Julien’s Wine School, I demonstrate how to open a bottle without a corkscrew using simply a screw, a screwdriver and pliers.
This turns out to be a very easy and simple process that works wonders.

How to Open a bottle of wine with a lighter:

Watch how to open open a bottle of wine with a shoe:

Also, how-to uncork a wine bottle with a wine opener:


Print Free Wine Labels Online

Many people like to make there own wine and if you want to give you wine as a gift then you need to put a nice label on it. One of the best ways to do this is to search online for a place where you can create and print your own labels free of cost. This is a good thing to do because it will personalize your wine and your friends and family will enjoy getting something that you have created as a gift. There are so many choices and options when it comes to creating your own wine labels so make sure you add your own personal touch to your label.

Choose a Popular Red Wine – Wine Tips

Many people like wine and are finding that red wine is beneficial because it goes with so many things from red meat to chocolate. Also there are many health benefits to drinking red wine in moderation. It is good if you are not familiar with the different kinds of red wine that you go to a wine tasting so that you can try the varieties and decide what kind you like.

Make Homemade Wine Using Grape Juice

If you are wanting to make wine out of grape juice then you need to know some facts before you get started. It is true that you can make wine from grape juice concentrate but it is important to understand the the acid content of wine concentrate is much higher than that of grapes that come from the vine. You will be making wine that has alcohol in it but it will taste more like grape juice than the wine that you are used to drinking.

Wine Tips – Get Wine Tasting Facts

Wine is a wonderful drink that can be enjoyed by many different people and if you are a wine expert or the occasional drinker you can enjoy a glass of red or white wine. Originally wine was thought to be the drink only for people of wealth or sophistication but nowadays this is not true because many people of all backgrounds can enjoy a glass of wine. It is important for you if you are not very familiar with wine but are interested in learning more that you take a wine tasting class or tour if you are close to a winery.

6 Steps of Wine Making

For several years wine making has been practiced through the process called as vinification, this is a very simple method as compared to the other methods of making alcoholic beverages. The process of wine making involves six basic steps: 1. Viticulture.

Cocktail Mixing Techniques – Top 10 Tips For Mixing Fabulous Cocktails Every Time

Professional bartenders would have you believe that mixing cocktails is a highly trained art and that mere mortals should never be allowed behind a bar. Using the right techniques may be essential for creating great cocktails, but a lifetime of training or magical mixology powers are certainly not required. These top 10 tips for mixing cocktails will ensure you get great results every time.

Seresin a Winery of Passion, Grace and Spirit

The Marlborough Wine region of New Zealand features so many great wineries and small local producers that its amazing to think of another area of simliar size that packs such a punch. Among the great wineries is the Seresin Winery lead by the Award winning Clive Dougall.

How to Make Wine – What You NEED to Know

Want to learn how to make wine? This article explains what you need to know to make your own wine at home.

Food & Wine Pairing Made Simple

When pairing wine and food, you must always take into account the quality of the wine and the quality of your dish. A complex dish made for special occasions deserves a complex and special wine. On the other hand; simple, everyday dishes match best with simple and easy to drink wines. Putting a simple wine with a special dish would be as unsuccessful as squeezing ketchup on to a Filet Mignon.

Pizza and Beer – Perfect Match

The article will give you an idea on why pizza and beer can be best enjoyed together. They can be consumed apart, but together they are perfect and they complement the taste of each other.

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