Does a Lighter Work? Open Wine without Corkscrew

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Is this wine hack process as easy as shown in many videos across YouTube?
In this Episode #13 of Julien’s Wine School, I demonstrate how to open a bottle without a corkscrew using simply a lighter (could be a blowtorch) and reveal how this amazing wine life hack works, or not….

Watch how to open open a bottle of wine with a shoe:

How to Open a bottle of wine with a screw and pliers:

Also, how-to uncork a wine bottle with a wine opener:


Beat the Recession Blues With 5 Tips For Home Beer Making

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your Dad was trying to brew his own beer in the kitchen? And remember that smell of malt and hops all the way through the house? It’s funny how life goes in circles.

The Benefits of Organic Wine Making

Contrarily, the organic wine making process does not consist of such properties. An extra effort is made in handpicking the grapes used for the organic wine making process.

How to Do Proper Wine Storage

The proper wine storage techniques have been around for centuries. The act of storing wine is almost as complicated and takes almost as much time as it does to make it. This is because maintaining its taste and its quality is just as important as the manufacturing process itself. If it were not for proper wine storage, it would be pointless to create a high quality wine for the fact that it would taste terrible by the time it would be opened.

Oak Wine Barrels Or Bottles

Spring is here and the time is now…to empty your barrels and bottle your wine or prepare your barrels to hold your treasured grape juice! Are you going to bottle or pour from your barrel?

Super Chef Gordon Ramsey Helps Home Beer Making Community

These are times we are in. There is nothing any of us can do about that. But there are plenty of ways of saving your hard earned shillings. One of those is home beer making.

California Central Coast Wine Value Pick, Changala 2005 Paso Robles Viognier

We always look forward to Spring and lots of leafy green vegetables to serve with pasta in classic Mediterranean style preparations. We decided to look for a robust white wine to pair with the pasta as well something to jazz up the dinner a bit. So for a California Central Coast Wine Value pick, we picked a Paso Robles wine based upon Viognier, a Rhone white grape varietal.

Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

The benefits of alcohol consumption have long been known. The Bible refers to alcohol’s medicinal properties no less than 191 times. Alcohol is beneficial in controlling numerous medical conditions and in increasing longevity.

5 Tips For Organic Wine Making

If you want to enjoy wine without all of the additives and chemicals that are used in commercially made wine organic wine making is for you. It is a decision you need to make three years ahead of making and bottling your wine because your starting point is with organically grown grapes which will take you three years to grow and harvest.

8 Vital Tips For Controlling How Your Wine Changes

People often say that change is the only constant in life. Change can be good, bad, or both good and bad. However, it is important to know which changes are positive, and which ones are negative.

Wine Making Instructions – The Tips Revealed!

Wine might be a simple alcoholic beverage that you drink on the odd occasion, or more frequently, but if only you knew the procedure that went into making that bottle into something as good as it is. Making wine starts with growing grapes perfectly, and then when they are ready the grapes are used to make different types of wine. Wine is a drink that is enjoyed when sipped slowly and is nice to have with a light dinner.

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