Do “Old Vines” Produce Better Wine?

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A lot of people are under the impression that old vines produce better quality grapes and therefore better wine. In this clip shot from an old vine vineyard in the south part of Napa Valley I talk about the reasons that Old Vines don’t always produce better wines than younger vineyards. If you like the content here, please subscribe and like the videos. If you have any questions or would like me to speak about any topic related to wine please comment and I will do a video on your subject of choice. Cheers!

Cognac – The King of Brandy

The grapes used for Cognac are very exclusive – no matter how many beg to be picked, only certain ones are. First of all, Cognac must be at least 90 percent Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, or Colombard grapes. Ugni Blanc carry the most weight (some Cognac is made solely of this grape), with Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes minimally represented. The remaining ten percent may, by law, include other varieties of grape. These varieties are typically specific and, like a grape involved in drama club, highly eccentric.

Wine And Storage – The Science Of Perfection

People, for good or ill, have for thousands of years turning to alcoholic beverages to enhance their celebrations and to comfort them in sorrowful or frightening times. An as the 21st century unfolds, with its high-speed, high-tech, and climatically changing future, the need of the soothing effects of alcohol does not seem likely to decrease any time soon.

The Beauty of Red Wine – A Beginner’s Guide

The Beauty of Red Wine: A Beginner’s Guide is a simple article aimed at informing those who know little about red wine but want to get into it. From what the best room temperature for serving is to where red wine gets its color, The Beauty of Red Wine: A Beginner’s Guide is a mini-guide to the beginnings of more sophisticated drinking.

How Should Absinthe Be Drank

Whether or not you have already had an opportunity to try absinthe for yourself, chances are you were not aware of all of the different ways that absinthe can be drank.

2 Simple Varieties of Wine – White and Red

Wine is one of the most common beverages as it can be served before, during and after a meal. A simple glass (of wine) can change an ordinary day into something special. This article tells you how you can use wine in a variety of settings…

Vineyard Establishment and Management

As demand for wine increases across the United States and the entire world, the planting of new vineyards has become more popular and lucrative. Existing wine producers are having a difficult time increasing production capacity simply because there are not enough grapes. Subsequently, there is high competition for new grapes, which is driving the increased planting of new vineyards.

Italian Sparkling Wines

Italian sparklers represent some of the finest drinking at affordable prices on the wine scene. Getting to know the basics of Italian fizz is the first step in adding a little sparkle to your next meal or dinner party.

Design It Yourself – New Fashion in Wine Gift Baskets

There is a huge variety of wines to select from – rose, white and red are the most common but there are wonderful choices in dessert wines that are perfect to accompany chocolates and pastries. When you design the wine gift baskets contents, your choices are unlimited.

The Types Of Whiskey – Round Two

Last week, as we drank in round one of the types of whiskeys, we were introduced to those made in Ireland, Scotland, and Japan. After the lesson, hopefully you all did your homework by consuming some of the material. I know, I know, this is the kind of curriculum you wish high school was made of.

Distillations From Wine

Distillation is the centuries-old process used to produce alcohol. Heat is used to separate the components of a liquid, or mash, and as vaporization takes place the vapors are cooled so they condense into neutral spirits with little color, aroma, or flavor.

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