Discover Wines of the Rhone Valley, Part 3 of

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France’s Rhône Valley is a wine lovers paradise. This is home to many of the grape varieties which are planted the world over. Grenache, syrah and mourvèdre have grown here for generations. In the embrace of the radiant sun, relentless mistral wind and rocky soils they produce wines that are flavourful and generous. Produced in 2008

Elusive Wine Definitions

This is why most wines are named for places, some for the specific localities where they are grown and others for the districts where their types originated centuries ago. Other wines display names of the rare, sometimes unpronounceable grape varieties from which they are made, but this, too, involves geography, because the same variety grown in two different localities may produce two quite different wines.

Napa Valley Wine Regions Explored

Napa Valley has 14 viticultural regions all with distinct attributes that combine to create subtle, and not so subtle, differences in the wines that are produced. This first article in a series outlines the six northern regions within Napa Valley.

Properly Transport Your Wine and It’ll Be As Good As it Should Be

What started my interest in wines some 20-plus years ago were several memorable meals where the wine was the star. While the nuances of the food-wine pairings were certainly evident, the wine moved me.

Wine Opener Gift Set – For Every Occasion

Wine opener gift sets are a wonderful kind of wine accessory gift set, and you’ll want to know the best places to buy such neat gifts, which are perfect for every important occasion in your life. There are some really great companies that offer wonderful and tasteful selections of wine opener gift sets.

Antique Wine Glasses

How exactly does the type of wine glass you use really matter? Please read on to find out more.

A Guide to Fine Summer Wines

Wine is an alcoholic beverage prepared with grape juice. In fact the fermented grape juice is known as wine. Though there are different varieties of wines are consumed by the people such as red wine and the white wine.

Fine Wines – Manhattan Wines

Till date, you would have tasted several different varieties of wine types. Among the different wine varieties, the most flavored and tongue tasting wine are the Manhattan fine wines. Manhattan fine wines are really flavored and they are considered as the best choice to cheer your love and friendship amidst your near ones.

Discover the Specific Benefits of Red Wine

We have all heard that red wine is part of a healthy life, but it is important to understand the specifics of the benefits of red wine, so you can make the best of them. For instance, not many people are aware that it is only red wine that offers many benefits, because it contains certain flavonoids which white wine does not. What Are Flavonoids?

The Perfect Season For Drinking a Little Pink

Thank goodness springtime’s warmer days have finally arrived in Chicago! As we watch the flowers bloom, celebrate Mother’s Day and recognize Breast Cancer Awareness, the color pink comes to mind. As it may be difficult for some to believe a pink-colored wine could actually be good, rose wines are a welcome addition to your wine mix.

Barreled Over by the Many Wines of France

Last spring I was invited on a wine-lovers dream vacation – a tour of several major wine regions to barrel sample the latest vintage. The French believe the 2005 vintage could be the best in 40 years. As this is occurring now for the 2006 vintage (and is an annual event), I thought this experience is worth sharing.

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