Discover Wines of the Rhone Valley, Part 1 of

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France’s Rhône Valley is a wine lovers paradise. This is home to many of the grape varieties which are planted the world over. Grenache, syrah and mourvèdre have grown here for generations. In the embrace of the radiant sun, relentless mistral wind and rocky soils they produce wines that are flavourful and generous. Produced in 2009

Beachside Wine and Dine

Have you ever wanted to throw a party for your friends or co-workers that made them feel as if they were guests at a fancy beach resort, but haven’t had the money to do so? With the simple rule “less is more” in mind, we can help you turn your bland patio into a high-class coastal get away for the night. Great wine is simply a necessity when it comes to throwing a party.

Preservatives in Wine and Why We Need Them

Sulphur has been used as a preservative in wines since the Roman days. And it’s a naturally occurring part of the fermentation process. But some people react to it… So here’s a quick guide to sulphurs in wines.

All You Need to Know About Wines

Wine is nothing but a mixture of wild species of grapes, rice and different types of yeasts without the use of sugar, enzymes or any lactic acids. The word “wine” is a Latin word derived from indo-European countries. Composition of wines: Wines consist of water to a large extent.

A Quick History of the Wine Glass

As soon as ancient man invented wine, he hit the problem. What do I drink it from? Here’s a short history of how the modern day wine glass came to be.

Wine Tasting 101 – A Quick Guide For You to Enjoy and Appreciate Your Wines

Wine tasting is an area of wines where confusion reigns supreme. There is much mystique and tradition associated with tasting wines, but there is no need. By following a few steps, and more importantly understanding why you’re following these steps, you’ll enjoy trying different wines more and more.

Wine Tours – Cincinnati’s Wine Scene

If you’ve been led to believe that great wine only comes from California, we’ve got a pleasant surprise for you. New and interesting wine regions are sprouting up all across the country, producing award winning wines to the delight of wine travel lovers.

Wine Travel – Finger Lakes and the Canandaigua Wine Trail

Long known as a unique wine producing region, the Finger Lakes area of New York appeals to wine lovers, outdoor types, and families seeking a four season destination. Join us as we explore the charming Finger Lakes community of Canandaigua and the Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail.

A Little Bit About White Wine

The biggest bottle of white wine you can buy is 15 liters, and a single regular bottle of white wine contains 75 grapes. White wine can be made from red grapes, and I’m an alcoholic!

Sonoma County Wine Road Adventures – Russian River and Healdsburg Winery Tours

Learn how to plan a wine tour in California, visiting the renowned Sonoma County region in northern California. Find out about wine vacation opportunities in Sonoma County, where Healdsburg and the Russian River areas attract wine lovers from all over the world.

Discount Wine Glasses

For connoisseurs of good wines good wine glasses are also equally important. A good old wine should be taken in a good wine glass. The beauty of a wine glass adds to the desirability of the wine.

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